Wonder the Movie – DVD Giveaway

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74 thoughts on “Wonder the Movie – DVD Giveaway

  1. Leah Shumack

    Whether it’s donating Christmas gifts or Thanksgiving dinner, to holding open a door for someone…we try to do something kind and selfless each and every day.

  2. Vicki D.

    Helping my elderly neighbor lady in a lot of ways was the nicest thing I’ve done. I put out her garbage and recycling every week, I took her to appointments, and I sometimes cooked for her.

  3. Donna Clifford

    I try to do nice things for people at least once a day. Even small things. One example is pay for the person behind me in line at mcdonalds.

  4. Lisa

    I am not sure but I do try to be there for people when they need it. I donate to cat rescues a lot since cats can not help themselves they deserve our help.

  5. Laurie Emerson

    I think the nicest thing I have done for someone is to let them use my second car for 6 months so they could find a job. I also put gas in the car for them each week.

  6. Stephanie Liske

    I’ve supported many men in getting what they wanted out of life and helping them gain carers.

  7. Carrie miyake

    I try to do small nice things on a regular basis, like buying groceries for the person in front of me that had their card declined or passing it along in the Starbuck’s line.

  8. Tanya

    One Christmas, I only bought gifts for my family from companies that would also give a percentage to charity.

  9. Debbie E

    A few friends and I were able to grant the dying wish of a young girl who wanted to see a Broadway show.

  10. Brenda Elsner

    I have donated to our local food bank many times and give stuff away when I see someone in need.

  11. shelly peterson

    I let a friend live me for a while rent free until they could get back on their feet.

  12. David Hollingsworth

    I gave some money to a man who was homeless. I supposed to use it for bus fare, but I thought that the man was more important.

  13. barbg

    When I was a young teenager and my parents would go out to just a movie night, I would fix dinner and have it waiting as a surprise when they got home for them and my 4 brothers. They always liked that.

  14. Mary Berry

    The nicest thing I have ever done was provide a whole family with Christmas gifts and dinner. It was a great feeling to help them.

  15. Steph

    That’s a tough question, but I would guess one of the nicer things I did was placing a work dog with a family member. They loved that dog and she lived a very long and happy life with them. But that is from my point of view, maybe the tie dyes I make and give away are something other people think is the nicest thing I do. Like I said, tough question.

  16. Abigail Gibson

    I bought a stranger dinner without them knowing. He was a veteran thatI identified by the hat he wore.

  17. LynneT

    I guess the nicest thing I’ve ever done for anyone is give a friend $2,000 to help her leave a bad marriage.

  18. Lisa V.

    Don’t know if it is the nicest, but had a friend having a hard time, so I decorated the whole front of his house with smiley faces while he was at work.

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