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We all know the death of print and the emergence of the blogosphere has been the hippest thing since the invention of the internet. It is for this reason that as a blogger, I was inspired to organize blog networking events.

Blog Café® is an annual event that allows us mingle, network and of course disconnect ourselves from the computer and get to know each other better in person, if only once a year.  Below is a taste of what Blog Café® networking events are about:

Blog Café® 1.0

Blog Café® 1.0 took place October 2, 2009 at Katwalk NY, and over 20 bloggers/readers attended this first time event. Below are some images from the event. Click here for Blog Café® 1.0’s Review.

Blog Café® 2.0

Blog Café® 2.0 took place August 11, 2010 at PS 450, and over 100 people RSVPed and attendees this event. It was beyond successful. Blog Café® – 2.0’s sponsors included: SpaWeek, Nina Shoes, John Simon Daily, Tineey, NWSO and many more. Overall the event was a great networking success… Click here for Blog Café® – 2.0’s Review and to read what some of the attendees had to say.

Blog Café® 3.0

Blog Café® 3.0 took place on October 5, 2011 at the Wix Lounge and over 150 people RSVep for the event. Blog Café® 3.0 sponsors included: Flickers Candle Store, FLüD Watches, PopChips, Pushy Dreamers, Pinnacle Vodka and many more.

Blog Café® 4.0

Blog Café® 4.0 was our first health and fitness event, which took place on September 30, 2012 at the wonderful Pier 46 in NYC. This event was an invitation-only event. Blog Café® 4.0 sponsors included: TrueBar, GoGo SqueeZ, Beanitos, Vita Coco, Guam Beauty Mud and many more. This event was hosted by KMP Blog and Baobab Wellness.

Blog Café® 5.0 | Coming Soon | Stay Tuned

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