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Blog Café® 4.0 – Our Awesome Sponsors!

For Blog Café® 4.0, we wanted to find sponsors that promote healthy living and natural products. In other words, products that are good for our bodies. We could not be happier with the support from our sponsors: TrueBar by Bakery on Main TrueBar are Non-GMO Project Verified, they use natural flavors that are obtained without the use of [...]

  Every year, KMP Blog plans and hosts blog networking events that allows us (bloggers, readers, brands), to network, meet and greet in a more relaxed environment. For this year's Blog Café® I wanted to take a different approach, same concept, different approach. I wanted to focus on a theme, in this case Health, Fitness and Wellness, [...]

Blog Café® 3.0 – The Invitation

They say third time is the charm, well here's the charm for you! RSVP is required!

Blog Café® 2.0 – The Review

On Wednesday, August 11, 2010, tons of NYC Bloggers and readers got together and networked like no other day, why?! because it was Blog Café 2.0!!
What is Blog Café 2.0?! You might ask...

Blog Café 2.0 is the second annual blog networking event, this is where blogger meets reader! Bloggers from NYC/NJ come out and network, exchange business cards, say hello to our readers and just have a good ol time.

Nina Shoes for Blog Café® 2.0

More exciting news about Blog Café 2.0, with less than 2 weeks left, guest list sold out as well as wait list being closed, this event will be a great one, and definitively one to remember.
I wanted to take this time to share another exciting sponsor for Blog Café 2.0, NINA SHOES!

Blog Café® 2.0 – Event Details

You're cordially invited to... Blog Café 2.0!

Where Bloggers Meet Readers!

Who: Bloggers and Site owners
What: Networking event for bloggers/site owners and their readers.
Where: PS 450* | 450 Park Avenue South (between 30th & 31st streets)
When: Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 | 6pm-9pm

Blog Café® 1.0 – The Review

Blog Café® 1.0 was a great turn out! My goal for this event was to get bloggers and readers together to mingle, chill, meet and greet and have a great time, and I think my mission was accomplished. If you attended the event please take a minute to complete this survey. I would like to thank [...]

Blog Café® 1.0 – Invitation

You're cordially invited to... Blog Café   Where Bloggers Meet Readers!Who: Bloggers and Site owners What: Networking event for bloggers/site owners and their readers. Where: Katwalk NY* | 2 west 35th street, corner of 5th Avenue When: Friday, October 2, 2009 6pm-9pm Why:Because sometimes we can all use a little break from our Macs and [...]