I Saw... Some Awesome Bloggers I Met Day 1 was the busiest and the day I met a lot of awesome new people and saw some bloggers I already know. The first person I met was Kay from Movie Star Makeover. I am so glad I met her first, because the conversation we had made [...]

I went.. At the very last minute, maybe less than a month before BlogHer '12 I got the opportunity for a full scholarship. My Secret to Affording BlogHer '12 Being that I was already in NYC, I figured this was one conference I did not want to miss, and I knew it would provide me [...]

Jaden Hair | | @SteamyKitchen | Kathryn Finney | | @KathrynFinney | The following tips were from a very insightful and helpful BlogHer '12 Pathfinder session. Based on the notes, I've summarized the session down to these ten very important tips that every blogger should know. I. Invest in your skills: [...]

This conference session was a very popular one during BlogHer.  The room was filled to capacity and quite a few couldn't get in. I'm glad I got in, because I felt the information was somewhat useful to me and useful to my readers. This post talks about working with brands, how to pitch to bloggers, [...]

There are many forms of blogging, writing blog posts, video blogging, and then there's podcasting. Podcasting varies too, there's video podcasting and audio podcasting. During BlogHer '12 I attended a session on Podcasting and I must say I learned quite a lot, but I don't think I'm ready to take my blog into podcasts just [...]

Thursday morning I attended an amazing BlogHer session where other blog enthusiasts and myself learned about book proposals. A popular question that went around the room was... "If you were to write a book, what would it be about?" Stefanie Wilder-Taylor of and author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay: And Other Things [...]

Sponsor Me for BlogHer 2012

I know how last minute this is but KMP Blog is seeking a wonderful sponsor to sponsor me to attend the BlogHer’12 conference in New York City!  Attending BlogHer would be a dream come true. BlogHer Conference aims to connect influential women bloggers together and allows us to inspire, learn and grow with each other. [...]

SXSW Interactive 2012 – Hashtags

Click here to download the SXSW Interactive 2012 Hashtags' Guidebook Please note: the times indicated on the guidebook are on Austin, TX time. (They are 1 hour behind if you are following from NYC.) Some time today many of you will be making your way to Austin, TX for South by Southwest 2012. Some of [...]

DIY Video Revolution or Guerilla Video Yesterday, we learned some great Content is Key tips by Yahoo! Travel Editor's Deborah Hopewell. Today, we'll learn some great stuff about working with video. This New York Times Travel Show conference session by Robert Reid of Lonely Planet, was one of my favorite, because he focused on a [...]

CONTENT IS KEY: HOW Y! TRAVEL IS REMAKING A TRANSACTIONAL SITE INTO A MEDIA HUB In this conference session Deborah Hopewell, Travel Editor for Yahoo! Travel talked to us about internet content and ways in which Y! Travel is transitioning into a media hub. Below are some tips, quotes and other helpful information that Deborah shared [...]

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