Fit Fridays

Busy Day? Recharge and Repair with Vega Sport Protein Bar

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I love busy workout days. Especially those days when I thought I had a long draining day at work and no energy left to workout and somehow manage to fit in two 60 minute workouts. […]

The LOOP – The Perfect Everyday Accessory (GIVEAWAY)


There are times when the right product comes at the right time. Well, this time I wish I had this product before, so I didn’t have to lose or throw away countless damaged and or […]

iLuv Back-to-School Mobile Accessories

Back to School 2014a

  FitActive® Run I love the FitActive Run earphones. They fit perfectly in the ear, and do not move or come out while I’m running, weight lifting or cycling. The FitActive® Run earphones feature an ergonomic […]

More Comfortable Ride – Nike LunarGlide 6 Review


I have been on a search for the perfect Marathon shoe, to help me run this year’s TCS NYC Marathon. I wanted to test the Nike LunarGlide 6 and see how comfortable they are and […]

Keeping It Tight During Marathon Training


Last week was my first week of marathon training. The first week is always the hardest, especially if you take a break from running. After the running the Queens 10k, I had a minor hip […]

Nike Tight of the Moment – Summer 2014


You all know how I feel about Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment. Well this Summer, Nike Women is releasing three limited edition Nike Pro tights to add to your collection. I love the abstract […]

GoBe – More Than a Fitness Tracker


This past week, I got to attend CES Week in NYC, and I got to learn more about fitness gadget in the market. One fitness gadget that really caught my attention was GoBe. GoBe is […]

Fitness Gifts for the Grad via Best Buy


What do you get the graduate that loves to workout, stay fit and live a healthier life?! Best Buy has some of the greatest gifts for your fitness enthusiast graduate, below are some gift ideas […]

Fun Runs and Trail Runs: Trying Something New


This past weekend I did two things I’ve never done before, ironically, they both deal with running: The Color Run and a Trail Run upstate. The Color Run was an awesome race to do with […]

Fuel Better with Vega Sport: Perfomance Protein


You ever workout and feel tired and sore the next day or right after and then feel like you shouldn’t workout again. What you put in your body after a vigorous workout it’s very important. […]

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