10 New Year’s Resolutions to Stick To

At the turn of each year you resolve to improve your life in a major way, and each holiday season you find that somewhere along the line you’ve reneged on the deal. Unfortunately, the only person who suffers from these failures is you! Check out this list of the ten best resolutions to stick to, and try to focus on just one. You can save the rest for years to come.

Frugal Holiday Fun for the Family

When the kids are home from school, you have time off from work, and everyone is cooped up in the house because of cold weather, it probably won’t be long before the whole family starts to get a little stir crazy. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the extra cash to blow on a family vacation (or even a trip to the movie theater). If you find that, like many families right now, you are short on cash approaching the holidays, you may think that watching the snow fall is just about your only option for entertainment.

5 Must-See Christmas Movies for Adults

The holidays often bring a spate of sentimental new releases to get you in the Christmas spirit, but why blow your dough on crowded theaters and cholesterol-laden popcorn when you can see your favorites at home? If you’re looking for a good movie to pop in while you curl up under the blankets and enjoy a crackling fire, here are a few that will get you laughing and remind you what this season is all about.

5 Ways to Add Romance to the Holidays

The craziness that surrounds the holiday season (shopping and shipping and hosting, oh my!) can easily leave you too pooped to pop. So when your honey comes around looking for a little romance, he or she is more likely to find you sawing logs than setting up aromatherapy candles. How can you infuse your holidays with a little romance when your stress levels have reached maximum capacity and your last nerve is ready to jump ship?

5 Great Holiday Movies to Watch with Your Family

When the temperature plummets, frost forms on the windowpanes, and the snowflakes begin to drift lazily to the ground; when you step outside and see a mist of breath in front of your face; when you have to pull down the boxes of mittens, scarves, and long underwear that have been tucked away in a closet for six months; you know that winter has arrived. And what better way to wait out this cold and inhospitable season than by throwing a few logs in the fireplace, boiling up a batch of hot chocolate, and snuggling under the comforters for a few holiday movies?