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What’s Your Expertise? – NaBloPoMo

Everyone is an expert in something. Tell us three things you're an expert in. Sometimes I feel I am not an expert at anything. It's like when someone asks you what are your skills/talents, often times I feel I have no talents and/or skills, even if I do. So this time, I will look deep [...]

Redesigning is a major part of blogging. If you've been following my blog for some time, you been through the redesigning process with me. KMP Blog has come a long way, since it's birth in 2008 til this very present day. It has gone from Blogspot/Blogger to and It has had several domain [...]

Everyone loves food trucks, I know I do, and it seems they are everywhere, and provide excellent food varieties for 9-5ers like me. When it comes to food trucks, besides their food, I tend to notice their TRUCKS, the design, their logo, their brand, in all, their marketing strategy. Branding is very important, and having a nice [...]

SEO Special 50% Off – 4 Days Only

SEO Rates are now 50% Off ($75/website) This offer is for a limited time only Until Sunday, January 6, 2013 Is your site one of those sites that creates tons of great content but feels like no one is listening (reading)? Is your blog traffic low? Are most of your blog traffic coming from social [...]

Apple Employees Are Geniuses… This is Why

Disclaimer: The views expressed below are totally in my opinion. Please note, I do not work for neither Samsung nor Apple and I was not paid, or rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy SIII or an Apple iPhone 5. Do not be offended by my views below. Samsung recently came out with this ad comparing Apple's iPhone [...]

Branding Yourself Better – A Giveaway

I am loving this week's giveaway, because I love hosting giveaways that help you be a better blogger, business, and help you build your brand. Brand building is so important. A good creative business card goes a long way, and impresses a lot of people at conferences. First impressions are everything! You want people to [...]

Today is the first class of Google's Power Searching online course, that will teach you everything you need to know about searching better on Google. Yes, we all think we know everything there is to know about Google and searching on Google, but do we really know everything?! Are we really going to question the [...]

This weekend I announced that I'll be launching a fantastic newsletter where I'll share some really awesome social media and marketing tips that you guys can use to help your brand/business. The newsletter will go out every Monday morning for the rest of the year, and they will contain random tips on the following topics: [...]

DIY Video Revolution or Guerilla Video Yesterday, we learned some great Content is Key tips by Yahoo! Travel Editor's Deborah Hopewell. Today, we'll learn some great stuff about working with video. This New York Times Travel Show conference session by Robert Reid of Lonely Planet, was one of my favorite, because he focused on a [...]

CONTENT IS KEY: HOW Y! TRAVEL IS REMAKING A TRANSACTIONAL SITE INTO A MEDIA HUB In this conference session Deborah Hopewell, Travel Editor for Yahoo! Travel talked to us about internet content and ways in which Y! Travel is transitioning into a media hub. Below are some tips, quotes and other helpful information that Deborah shared [...]

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