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My Top 5 Self-Help/Advice Books

Are you a fan of self-help/advice books? What has been your favorite one? I am a huge fan of self help books! If you ever get to see my bookshelves and Kindle library you will notice that 80-90% of my books might fall in the category of Self-Help books. The other 10-20% are mostly a [...]

If you could connect one-on-one with one expert, what would you want to learn? If I could connect one on one with one expert I would want to learn how to be successful in this day and age. I would want to know what roads and path do I need to take or follow in [...]

One of the most important things you can do is to pay your bills on time Having a good credit score can make your life easier. You could qualify for loans with better interest rates, rent a house or apartment, and get service from telephone and utility companies. On the other hand, having a bad [...]

78 percent vow to spend this year's tax refund wisely This year, one in two Americans receiving a tax refund (50 percent) say they plan to spend the extra money on bills or other household expenses, as opposed to vacations (15 percent), leisure activities (8 percent) or gifts (4 percent), according to a recent poll [...]

Twenty-somethings' mounting debt is taking its toll, as 60 percent of the generation who grew up amid economic growth and graduated into a hard-hitting recession say they feel stressed about their outstanding debt, according to a survey by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). Findings: Walking the Tightrope of Savings and Debt Overwhelmed [...]

Body Language for Business by Max A. Eggert

This book review post was written by Jordanna Stephen, Editor of The Fashionisette. Be sure to connect with Jordanna on Twitter or join the blog discussion at her blog. We all do it, whether consciously or unconsciously. What is it? We all non-verbally communicate with our body. We all have our own body language that [...]

This book could not have come at a better time in my life. We all read many financial books, that are here to guide us into taking care of our spending and finances. Well, I can honestly say I have read one too many books, and as much useful information as they provide me, I [...]

3 Money Tips to Help You Get Rid of Debt

Every year we complain that we do not have enough money to do anything, yet we find ways to somehow, somewhere find funds to pay for really expensive handbags, really expensive shoes, or really expensive gadgets that we don't really need nor can "afford". Personally, I have realized that there are a lot of things [...]

Keep Home and Work Separate

Working from home offers a great opportunity for you to start your own business, be your own boss, and keep your kids at home (rather than consigning them to the random shuffle of caretakers provided by any given daycare facility).  But splitting your time and your space between work and family obligations can quickly become [...]

The Happiest Jobs on Earth

Sorry to say, working at Disneyland won’t make you nearly as happy as visiting will (you don’t want to ruin the magic).  But there are a number of professions that will bring satisfaction to the people who choose them.  While there certainly is a level of subjectivity involved (some people love to work with others [...]

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