SANYO Incognito – The Next Best Thing

Tired of your old phone? Tired of paying $60-$80 dollar for a monthly wireless plan? Tired of waiting for your 2-year contract to be up so you can go to another phone company only to do the same?! I know I am. Well, the SANYO Incognito seems like the solution to our problems.

ÜberTwitter Beta 6

This post is for Blackberry users that use Twitter on their phones. If you use ÜberTwitter, there's a great upgrade, Beta-6. If you use Twitterberry, you should give ÜberTwitter a try, unless you can leave a comment with GREAT reason why we should all switch back to TwitterBerry...

Blackberry Messenger – 5.0

There's an update to BBM 5.0 I downloaded it yesterday and I can't really tell "what's new", but according to "the update includes some small tweaks here and there, including picture previews, smaller status text, improved groups and more."

BBM 5.0

The leaked version of BBM 5.0 was released a few months ago, tons of BB users went straight for it, and after a day or two many hated it, some liked it, one or two loved it. I heard mostly hated comments about it and a lot of "I want my old BBM back."

There’s a Storm Coming…November 21

So there's a lot of hype about the Blackberry Storm, and people wanting to buyout their contracts with other wireless providers to make that switch to Verizon and get the Storm. (I am guilty of thinking this way) But as fancy, intriguing and inviting the Blackberry Storm is, I don't know if I'll be making [...]

Gmail Chat with Voice and Video?!

YES!! Finally! As of Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Gmail Chat will now have Video and Voice capabilities. It's bad enough that I'm always on GChat, but now I don't have to type as much, I can just talk to my buddies, without using my daytime minutes of course. Gmail Video and Voice will be madeavailable [...]

Apple Has Done It Again!!!

Just today I was looking at my old iPod Nano thinking, "DAMN, I need a new iPod" and what do you know, I get informed that Apple, Mr. Steve Job, and his cool fabulous gadgets has somehow done it again, and has unveiled a whole new collection of iPod Nano(s)(not like the last iPod Nano [...]

The iPhone 3G is HERE!!

Yes, the Apple iPhone 3G is finally here!!The iPhones started selling today since 8am. Apple fans have been camping outside Apple stores since Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 or earlier. Other excited fans paid $1,200 to stand on line for them. I really hope the hype is worth it!!Old iPhoneNew iPhone 3G*For more information visit: Apple [...]

While so many of us are getting older and we need to upgrade ourselves, one thing that we need to really upgrade is our cell phones. If you find yourself having the same cell phone as a teenager, then you know it is time for an UPGRADE. Meaning, drop those Sidekicks if you are a [...]

6 Cool Useful Websites

Want to get out of your cell phone contract? How about getting a human when calling customer service? Or would you love to find cool music to fit your mood. Here are some cool useful websites:

Cell Phone Contracts - Want out of your cell phone contract? You may be able to do just that. Check out: CellSwapper or CellTradeUSA

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