iPhone 4 – The Review

Getting my new iPhone on launch was as painless as I didn’t imagine. I think the most painful thing was waiting for it to launch and leaving the Blackberry team. Arriving at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue around 1:40pm, and seeing the line for the non-preorder made me appreciate waking up early on June 15th to Pre-order mine. A lil lack of sleep paid off. The pre-order line was very short and very organized, both lines were actually.

Apple iPhone 4 lines, not that bad

Yesterday, around 5:30pm I made my way around the Apple Store, location: 5th Avenue to see what the line was looking like and what I’ll be facing myself with the following day. As I made my way around to take the pic and record some video, I came across the number one guy on the Pre-order line, Greg Packer. I saw him on Mashable’s video the day before, he’s the dude in the bright orange shirt. I asked him how long he’s been here, he stated since Monday.
The lines are somewhat separated, across from where Greg is sitting, is the NON reservations line, the people with no pre-orders hoping to get a phone on June 24th.

iPad Review

The iPad Review!

This apparatus is just one big toy, one huge iTouch. I personally would not pay the insane amount of money this thing is worth. I would expect more for the money. Anyways, while strolling through 5th Avenue and seeing the crowd outside the Apple store I decided why not just go in the store and see what’s really special about the iPad. I’ve asked my Babycakes to review the iPad, so here you go:

ÜberTwitter Beta 6

This post is for Blackberry users that use Twitter on their phones. If you use ÜberTwitter, there’s a great upgrade, Beta-6. If you use Twitterberry, you should give ÜberTwitter a try, unless you can leave a comment with GREAT reason why we should all switch back to TwitterBerry…