Travel Tuesdays

10 Things I Learned While Visiting Berlin

Running has opened the doors to visit a lot of places I've never thought possible. Places like Tokyo and Berlin are two major places that I am glad I felt the fear and did it anyway. Visiting a foreign country especially when you do not know the language is always a challenge. After some research [...]

Tokyo in a Nutshell

On my recent trip to Tokyo a lot happened in a short week and a half. The main reason for this trip was to run the Tokyo Marathon. Yes, who knew or figured that I would be traveling international to run a marathon. The good thing about running is that I love to travel and [...]

Arrange hotel/airport transportation ahead of time so that you do not have to worry about catching a cab or a bus and overpaying. Negril is 1 ½ hours away from Montego Bay Airport, so keep that in mind after you land. It’s a long ride, but kind of scenic. Do not be surprised by the [...]