10 Tips On Being Punctual

Don’t check your email or voicemail right before you leave. That “last quick check” will almost always take more time than you think — which is, after all, what you’re hoping for.Plan for trouble. Always add 25% to your time estimate to get anywhere or do any task. If you think it takes 30 minutes [...]

8 Questions to Ask Before You Go Shopping

Can I buy it for less? Comparison shop. Find it on sale. Negotiate. Look for a recycled one in the newspaper, at garage sales or consignment stores, on ebay or craigslist. Avoid the mall.Will I change my mind? Usually when you leave a store to comparison shop, you'll stop wanting it. Advertisers and retail stores [...]

LES Outdoor Runway Fashion Show

FASHION FLIPSIDE ECO FRIENDLY RUNWAY SHOW AUGUST 17th@ ORCHARD ST (BTWN RIVINGTON & STANTON) FROM 2pm ONWARDSL.E.S. Fashion Flipside turns Orchard Street into the Lower East Side’s nabe-centric answer to uptown’s Fashion Week, all with sustainable, eco-friendly and vintage clothing for men and women. Come down to Rivington & Orchard on August 17th to see [...]

Step Afrika!

Step AfrikaSaturday, August 16, 20084:30 PM Damrosch Park BandshellLincoln Center Out of DoorsFREE, no tickets required *For more information visit: Lincoln Center or Step Afrika*Fun Fridays*

The Blackberry Luxe Club

Blackberry event in NYC August 22, 2008DJ Beverly BondClub Marquee9-2amClick here for more detailsBlackberry event in ChicagoAugust 21, 2008DJ Adam 12Enclave9-2pmBlackberry event in LAAugust 29, 20089-2pmDJ Clinton SparksClub Area *For more information visit: Blackberry Luxe Club*KMP*

Tropic Thunder – KMP’s Review

KMP's Thumbs: (4 out of 5 thumbs)Tropic Thunder, wow, this movie was BANANAS. I believe I shed a tear from all the laughing.Crazy movie, love the cast, and the cameo appearances. Just when you think it "goes too far" with the jokes, they find a way to turn it down. I loved it.Yes there will [...]

A Burger King employee decides to take a bath on Burger King's sink to celebrate his birthday. Please watchThe other workers seem to be encouraging this.*For more information visit: MyFox*Whatever Wednesdays*

ChaCha Guide

If you use Google to search for answers then you might know how ChaCha works. Send any question via text message to CHACHA (242242), and a human (ChaCha guide) will search the Internet for the answer.Within a minute or two, you’ll receive an answer and a link to its source.Want to become a ChaCha guide?!Becoming [...]

10 Funny But Useful Office Tips

I. Never walk without a document in your handsPeople with documents in their hands look like hardworking employees heading for important meetings. People with nothing in their hands look like they're heading for the canteen. People with a newspaper in their hand look like they're heading for the toilet. Above all, make sure you carry [...]

Is Bernie Mac Really Dead?!

So early this beautiful Saturday morning I get a text from someone stating "Bernie Mac Died at 50 :("So I'm shocked because I know some time last week he was in the hospitals with pneumonia.So as a blogger the first thing I did was do my own research, I can't blog without sources. So I [...]