Election Day Goodies


Dear Blog Readers,
Today is a very important day, a day where we have the power to make a change in history.
I know most of us think that ONE vote won’t mean or change a thing, but think about it:
If 500 people in the country thought the same way, then it won’t be just ONE vote, it would be 500 votes that “didn’t mean or change a thing” and that many votes CAN make a difference.

Tips for a Stress-Free Voting Day


1) Vote early if you can. Many states allow early or absentee voting. Record numbers are expected to show up at the polls this year. This will help you avoid painful lines, traffic jams and parking nightmares.

2) Do not wear T-Shirts or other paraphernalia in support of your candidate. In most states, “political activity” is not allowed within 50 feet of a building used for voting.

Dumb Comment


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I attempting of reaching a Goal of 1,000 Subscribers in 100 Days

Starting today, October 24, 2008, I will be attempting a personal goal of reaching 1,000 subscribers in 100 days which means that I must hit this target by February 2, 2009, which is KMP’s birthday. Therefore about 10 subscribers per day. Can you help me do that?!