Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 8-24, 2008Started today at 8:08am (est) and 8:08pm in China 8 Reasons Why I'll be watchingBeijing 2008 Olympics this year: 1) Swimming - Michael Phelps2) Basketball - Team USA3) Gymnastics4) Opening Ceremony (which I'll probably miss, since I'll be at work)5) Athletics (Track running)6) Maybe a little Beach Volleyball7) Reason [...]

Yo Yo!

International Yo-Yo Open And New York State Yo-Yo ContestSaturday, August 9, 200811amSouth Street Seaport, Pier 17FREE*For more information visit: YO-YO*Fun Fridays*

A “Park” in a Spot

How would you feel to have a picnic, or just read a book in a parking spot?! Cool, eh.You have no idea what I'm talking about.Park(ing) Day NYC is September 19th, and parking spots across the city are just waiting to be rescued, turned for a day into the Park(ing) Spots that will get everyone [...]

No Sauce?! Call 911

That's what this 42 year old man, Reginald Peterson did when Subways forgot to put sauce in his Spicy Italian sandwich!OMG, what IS a Spicy Italian sandwich without sauce!!! Just not cool!According to The Press Association, the man, Reginald Peterson, 42, called 911 twice after staff at the Subway sandwich shop left out the sauce.The [...]

Dark Knight’s Insane Records

So it has been 19 days since the Dark Knight debuted and it has been killing, murdering, slashing through those records. Let's see:

Opening weekend sales
Approximately $155 Million beating Spiderman 2's record

4 Tips for Wearing Heels

Comfort is the keyWalk around the house a bit. Anyplace that you feel a little bit of pressure, that’s gonna be a painful spot. So that’s where you want to go in and strategically pad up your stiletto with a gel pad or some moleskin. You can cut it up and put it where you [...]

4 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

1. Pay off your debt One of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve your credit score is to pay off the high balances on your credit card. This could improve your credit score by 60 to 70 points. Credit bureaus use this information to predict how much of a credit risk you are [...]

Adopt a Pet

Looking for a new furry friend? Stop by Prospect Park's entrance at Bartel-Pritchard Circle and meet cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies in need of loving homes.Prospect ParkBartel-Pritchard CircleBrooklyn, NYSaturday, August 2, 200811am-3pm*For more information visit: Prospect Park*Fun Fridays*

Kayaking and Rowing

Kayaking and Rowing under the Brooklyn BridgeLocation:The Cove, in the city section of Brooklyn Bridge Park Contact Information:Kara Gilmour718-802-0603 There is no need to sign-up in advance; boating will be on a first-come, first-served basis. No training or prior experience is needed.Requirement: KNOW HOW TO SWIM.All equipment is provided free. Children under 18 must [...]

Janelle Monae at CP Summerstage

All the information is on the flyer below:*For more information visit:*Fun Fridays*