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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City man found a racial slur printed on his receipt after returning a pair of shoes he bought over the weekend. (KMBC-TV) Racial Slur on Receipt(Click here for video) *For more information visit: KMBC-TV*Whatever…

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I attempting of reaching a Goal of 1,000 Subscribers in 100 Days

Starting today, October 24, 2008, I will be attempting a personal goal of reaching 1,000 subscribers in 100 days which means that I must hit this target by February 2, 2009, which is KMP’s birthday. Therefore about 10 subscribers per day. Can you help me do that?!

Clockwise or CounterClockwise…


Which way do you see her moving?!Take the pollhttp://www.polldaddy.com/p/1029269/ According to the test, if you see the dancer movingClockwise = you’re right-brained The site claims that right-brain functions include:uses feeling,“big picture” oriented,imagination rules perception,symbols and images,present and future,philosophy & religion,can…