From Disney and creative genius Tim Burton (Alice In Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas) comes the hilarious and offbeat Frankenweenie, a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life – with just a [...]

SEO Special 50% Off – 4 Days Only

SEO Rates are now 50% Off ($75/website) This offer is for a limited time only Until Sunday, January 6, 2013 Is your site one of those sites that creates tons of great content but feels like no one is listening (reading)? Is your blog traffic low? Are most of your blog traffic coming from social [...]

Cosmopolis on DVD Wednesday 1/1/13

What's on DVD Wednesday January 1, 2013? Cosmopolis This was one of the weirdest movies/films I've seen in a while. I can't even begin to tell you what it is about. All I know is that there's a guy in a limo wanting to get to the other side of town to get a haircut. [...]

Looper on DVD Tuesday 12/31/12

What's on DVD Tuesday, December 31, 2012?   In the futuristic action thriller Looper, time travel will be invented - but it will be illegal and only available on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they will send their target 30 years into the past where a 'looper' - a hired gun, [...]

The following post is brought to you by a friend of mine (Lorenzo Flores), that went on trip to Cuba earlier this year, and wanted to share their experience with us.  Some Things to Know Before You Go to Cuba Disclaimer: I have family in Cuba, so this visit was legal. If you’re reading this [...]

CM4’s Q Card Case for iPhone 5 – Review

Q Card Case for iPhone 5 Finding an iPhone case is quite the challenge. Well, let me rephrase that again... Finding a durable, versatile and sleek iPhone case is a challenge. We all pay a lot of money for our new phones, and the worst thing we want to see happen is for the phone [...]

The Assassins If you liked films like Hero, House of the Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower and Kill Bill, then you’ll love Chow Yun-Fat in The Assassins. In the year 198 BC, Cao Cao (CHOW YUN FAT), Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty, ventured to the east and defeated China s greatest warrior [...]

What's on DVD Tuesday December 25, 2012?   "There's more than one way to take a life..." and THE WORDS couldn't be truer. Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) has achieved his every goal: a loving wife critical  success and a best-selling novel. The only problem is he didn't write it. Now as his conscience starts to haunt him [...]

What's on DVD Friday December 21, 2012?   Resident Evil: Retribution IMO this was probably one of the worse Resident Evil movies ever made. The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus is spreading across the globe, transforming ordinary people into legions of undead. Headed for extinction, the human race has just one hope: Alice (Milla Jovovich). Shes [...]

The other day I was watching Dr. Oz and even though I'm rarely home in time to catch up with Dr. Oz, this time I was. This episode shared some awesome tips for women over 35, although I'm not quite there yet, I'm not too far away either. Below are some health and beauty survival [...]