It's that time of the year where we are creating our wishlists and checking it twice. I have a few items on my Amazon Wishlist and at a few other websites. Nike's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide has some really great items that I have already added to my wishlist. Below are my top two gifts [...]

Disney's Brave own it today on Blu-ray/DVD Add this Blu-ray/DVD to your Family collection! I watched Disney's Brave twice because I really enjoyed it. The opening scene is one of my favorite parts, and every time I watch it I'm always surprised and blown away. The director and screenwriter of Disney's Brave, Mark Andrews, took [...]

What's on DVD Tuesday, November 20, 2012?! Tarantino XX - 8 Film Collection The ultimate collection for any Quentin Tarantino fan! This 8-Film Collection is out on Blu-ray and it looks amazing! Know more about this Tarantino XX 8 Film Collection. // // The Expendables 2 Action packed film, not as good as the first [...]

Nike Training Club at Soldier Field

NTC is going to Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois and I hope you are planning to be there. This is one event that you DO NOT want to miss. I attended the NTC NYC/Metlife Stadium event and it was A-MA-ZING! My only suggestion is that you register, like RIGHT NOW! :) Have fun and come back [...]

KMP Blog Will Be At CES 2013

That’s right! I will be at the BIGGEST Consumer Electronic Show in the world. This will be my first time in attendance, but definitively not my first time attending a pretty big conference as a Press blogger. Click here to see some other big conferences I’ve attended and how I have covered them. The best [...]

2016: Obama’s America – Own It Today

LOVE HIM/HATE HIM. YOU DON’T KNOW HIM 2016: Obama's America With the elections coming up this Tuesday, why not learn more about one of our candidates. 2016: Obama's America is a documentary about Barack Obama's past and I must say, I learned a lot of things I didn't know before about our president, after watching [...]

// //   The information provided below is from an email I received from AT&T. I figured it could help a lot of people in need of electricity, to charge up their electronics and remain in contact with their loved ones: As restoration efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy continue throughout Metro New York [...]

Fall Back – Daylight Saving Time

// // This year, Daylight Saving Time falls on Sunday, November 4, 2012. So don't forget to change your clocks. Ever wonder how Daylight Saving Time came about? Here's some history.

Remember that awesome NTC/Metlife event invitation, well, last Tuesday, 300 ladies, NTC enthusiasts, got the chance to attend that awesome event, and I was glad to be one of the 300. The NTC/Metlife Stadium event was all that and more. It was one of those once in a lifetime opportunity that will stay with you [...]

Hurricane Sandy – Tips for The Day After

image source: What to do if you have a blackout? Use only flashlights for emergency lighting. Never use candles due to extreme risk of fire! Turn off electrical equipment you were using when the power went out. Avoid opening the refrigerator and freezer. Never run a generator inside a home or garage. Listen to [...]