What's on DVD Tuesday, October 2, 2012? It has been a very long time since I watched Cinderella, a little over 10 years. I remember watching Cinderella when I was very young and I remember watching it in Spanish. As I watched Cinderella The Diamond Edition this past weekend, I kept humming the songs in [...]

"If you like Bring it On with a little Hangover – you will love PITCH PERFECT." Pitch Perfect in theaters everywhere, October 5, 2012 Howdy everyone! Hope everyone had a aca-mazing weekend. As I mentioned before, KMP blog is hosting an awesome Pitch Perfect Prize Pack giveaway. So go ahead enter below. Awesome stuff! Two (2) [...]

Blog Café® 4.0 – Our Awesome Sponsors!

For Blog Café® 4.0, we wanted to find sponsors that promote healthy living and natural products. In other words, products that are good for our bodies. We could not be happier with the support from our sponsors: TrueBar by Bakery on Main TrueBar are Non-GMO Project Verified, they use natural flavors that are obtained without the use of [...]

What's on DVD Tuesday, September 25, 2012? Desperate Housewives: The Eighth and Final Season I hated this season, because it was the final one, and I did not want it to end. Sigh! Nevertheless, I look forward to watching Season 8 again. Say goodbye to the ladies of Wisteria Lane with the final climactic season [...]

  Every year, KMP Blog plans and hosts blog networking events that allows us (bloggers, readers, brands), to network, meet and greet in a more relaxed environment. For this year's Blog Café® I wanted to take a different approach, same concept, different approach. I wanted to focus on a theme, in this case Health, Fitness and Wellness, [...]

What's on DVD Tuesday, September 18, 2012?   The Cabin in the Woods I love scary movies, I'm hoping this one is good, eventhough I heard mixed reviews about it.  A rambunctious group of five college friends steal away for a weekend of debauchery in an isolated country cabin, only to be attacked by horrific [...]

My NTC Journey to Kettlebells

As you all know I love the Nike Training Club app ever since I knew it existed. I have been using the app for quite some time now, and even though I feel I should be done unlocking all the rewards by now, I am steadily moving towards my goals. A few weeks ago I [...]

  See the “laugh-out-loud comedy” that critics are calling “irresistible! The most fun you’ll have at the movies this year!” Universal Pictures presents... Pitch Perfect In select theaters September 28th, 2012 Everywhere October 5th, 2012 Universal Pictures and KMP Blog are giving you the chance to go see a screening of Pitch Perfect. We have [...]

Apple Employees Are Geniuses… This is Why

Disclaimer: The views expressed below are totally in my opinion. Please note, I do not work for neither Samsung nor Apple and I was not paid, or rewarded with a Samsung Galaxy SIII or an Apple iPhone 5. Do not be offended by my views below. Samsung recently came out with this ad comparing Apple's iPhone [...]

Where Are My Tarantino Fans?!

Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection Arrives on Blu-ray Disc November 20th, 2012. I guess I can be called a Tarantino fan because I've watched most of his movies, and as sick as they might be, I love them! From Resevoir Dogs to his most recent Inglorious Basterds, I have seen them all and enjoy watching them [...]