My BlogHer ’12 Experience – Attending and Meeting The Brands and Sponsors

blogher 2012

I went.. At the very last minute, maybe less than a month before BlogHer ’12 I got the opportunity for a full scholarship. My Secret to Affording BlogHer ’12 Being that I was already in […]

Ten Tips I Learned from BlogHer’s ‘Your Blog As a Media Company’ Session

Home office

Jaden Hair | | @SteamyKitchen | Kathryn Finney | | @KathrynFinney | The following tips were from a very insightful and helpful BlogHer ’12 Pathfinder session. Based on the notes, I’ve […]

Jaws, The Raid: Redemption on DVD Tuesday 8/14/12

Jaws Blu-ray dvd

What’s on DVD Tuesday, August 14, 2012? Jaws (Universal’s 100th Anniversary) I can’t remember the last time I saw Jaws. This is one of those films that needs to be added to your DVD collection. […]

What is TRX® Rip™ Training?

TRX RIP Training

What is TRX® Rip™ Training? The TRX Rip Trainer™ is a full-spectrum resistance training tool designed for developing the ability to generate and control rotational forces. Which is basically a fancy way of saying that […]

BlogHer ’12 – The Brand and Blogger Connection


This conference session was a very popular one during BlogHer.  The room was filled to capacity and quite a few couldn’t get in. I’m glad I got in, because I felt the information was somewhat […]

Marley, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax on DVD Tuesday 8/7/12

The Lorax DVD

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax If you are looking for a feel good movie of the year, The Lorax it is! This movie is a must have family movie, that teaches us all The imaginative world […]

BlogHer ’12 – The Technical: Podcasting 101

Podcast popart

There are many forms of blogging, writing blog posts, video blogging, and then there’s podcasting. Podcasting varies too, there’s video podcasting and audio podcasting. During BlogHer ’12 I attended a session on Podcasting and I […]

What’s Your Favorite Color? – Win a Coach Gift Card

coach sunflower trench coat

What are your favorite colors?! My favorite colors are Yellow and Blue. Win a Coach Gift Card, see rules below… Ok, here are the simple rules, if you click or scroll over the colors below […]

BlogHer ’12/Pathfinder Day – My Blog As A Book Proposal (RECAP)

Pathfinder Day at BlogHer 2012

Thursday morning I attended an amazing BlogHer session where other blog enthusiasts and myself learned about book proposals. A popular question that went around the room was… “If you were to write a book, what […]

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Giveaway

The Lorax DVD movie giveaway

The other day my youngest niece calls me to ask me if I saw the movie The Lorax, I was like yea, it was good. She’s like I want to see it. I’m like, guess […]

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