Are you Green with Envy?!

YES!!! Celtics beat the Lakers!!
There Can Only Be One, INDEED!

Boston Celtics

That was such a wonderful BEAT, and there was no better place than to beat those Lakers than at Boston; The Celtics needed this win at home.
I’m happy for the Celtics, better yet I’m happy Kobe and his Lakers did not win.

Gotta love happy endings!

Oh did I mentioned the Lakers got BLOWN away, probably blown back to Cali!
Celtics 131
Lakers 92


Did the Celtics leave Kobe speechless?! Nah, I doubt it, I’m sure he’ll think of some “comeback” later on. But for now, buh bye! :)

Gotta Love this Game!

*For more information on this great game visit: Celtics – 2008 NBA Champions
*Whatever Wednesdays*

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