14 Ways to Save Money at the Supermarket


  • Make a list and stick to it.
  • Compare unit pricing, not box size. As with good things, good prices sometimes come in small packages.
  • If you only need a handful of items, use a basket, not a cart. Empty space on your cart will be tempting to fill.
  • If it’s not on your list, don’t pick it up.
  • Shop at the edge of the store. That’s where the healthier, cheaper items hide.
  • Don’t stick to buying brand name, stick to lowest price.
  • Consider generics. You usually get the same quality, without the unnecessary branding.
  • Learn to love coupons.
  • Make one big shop, rather than several small ones.
  • Check your receipt.
  • Shop alone. Science shows that we spend more when we’re with company.
  • Track your spending so you can see what’s eating your money.
  • Eat a meal before shopping. Shopping on a full stomach keeps you from impulse spending and focused on your list.
  • Shop without a car. Nothing limits spending like knowing you’ll have to carry your goods home.

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