2008 West Indian/Labor Day Parade

West Indian Day Parade

Labor Day Carnival Parade
Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY
Monday, September 1, 2008

The West Indian American Day Carnival is the biggest parade in New York with over 3 million participants each year. The parade depicts elaborately designed costumes, illustrating beauty and pageantry.

A Few Tips:

Go out early.
You should find a good spot early where you can see clearly. You should be very patient; the thickness of the crowd makes things move slowly.

Dress comfortably.
Wear shoes that you can walk long distances in. people will be stepping on your toes so open toe sandals are not recommended.

Drink plenty of water.
The sun will be on your head for hours, coupled with the crowds; it is easy to get dehydrated.

Bring your flag!
Represent your country with your national flag or rag.

Get plenty of rest.
For those who are going to J’Ouvert the night before, playing mas, or both, it is imperative to get enough rest before going on the Parkway.

Carnival time is a time for celebration. There is no room for sour faces. Come out and enjoy yourselves.

*For more information visit: West Indian Carnival Parade

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