10 Emailing Tips

Below are 10 email tips to help you perfect your emailing.

I. Different email accounts for different purposes.
It is is good to have separate email accounts for separate purposes. Have one for business and one for social fun. Make it a habit to check your personal email in the evening and business emails in the morning.

II. Email is not always the best form of contact.
If you have a really important issue or you are upset with someone, emailing is often not the best answer. If necessary speak to the person directly, rather than through an email.

III. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.
An oldie but goodie…it is always worth reminding ourselves about the importance of being polite and avoiding unnecessary rudeness. We will regret it later. Email makes it easier to use harsh words because it is impersonal.

IV. Use a Good Title Subject
Many people ignore the title of an email. If the subject changes don’t keep using an old “re:irrelevant title” A good title increases the chance that people will actually read your email, rather than just leaving it for later. A bad title may even get deleted as spam.

V. Don’t Ignore Basics of English.
Just because it is an email, doesn’t mean we have to write like a 5 year old or use text message language. This indicates laziness and a lack of care. If you don’t have time to respond properly, wait until you do. Keep emails brief, but don’t completely ignore the basic use of grammar and spelling.

VI. Keep it Short
Emails can be brief and to the point. If the message has to be long, make sure it is broken up in to different sections, which are easy to read. But, generally you should aim to keep it less that 5 sentences. This is good for both the writer and the reader.

VII. Acknowledge Important Emails.
If somebody sends some important documents, files or message, make sure you, at least, acknowledge their receipt. Otherwise they may be uncertain that they got them. It doesn’t have to be long; it can be quite short.

VIII. Create a Standard Responses
If you find yourself sending similar answers to many people, compose a draft message and save it in your drafts folder (or write it in word). You can use this standard response for emailing many people. Don’t forget to personalize it by adding their name.

IX. Be careful about Replying To All.
If you are new to email make sure you know the difference between replying to one person and replying to everyone on the initial message.

X. Compose Your Signature.
Having a signature looks professional and saves typing the same information every email. Remember people may wish to contact you through over methods than email. If relevant add any qualifications and websites that you have. This gives people a chance to find out more about you.

Here are some cool and maybe not so cool email autoresponders, use at your own risk:

Take No Prisoners:
I’m sorry but your e-mail has been deleted
Hi, it’s Simon Cowell.
I’m on a project until February 4 — your message has been deleted and will not be seen.
Please re-send after the 4th. Or if something is urgent, please contact helpme@hairychest.com.
All the best,

Take No Prisoners with a Smile:
Subject: I’ll be back August 14th…
Hey, it’s Jimmy here…
I’m traveling on vacation and will return on Tuesday, Aug. 14th.
[website or Google calendar URL] < — That’s my schedule All email I receive until that time will be automatically deleted, so if you have a dire emergency, contact my Executive Assistant, Jack-o-lantern at (555) 444-2525. That way I’m not overwhelmed with playing “catch-up” and I can hit the ground running and give you the immediate attention you deserve when I get back. Fair enough? I appreciate your courtesy in advance and look forward to our paths crossing again after Aug. 14th. All good wishes, Jimmy Liu
Nothing But The Facts:
Subject: I’m busy
Hello There,
I don’t chek e-male much. To much reading. Bye.

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