Clockwise or CounterClockwise…


Which way do you see her moving?!
Take the poll

According to the test, if you see the dancer moving
Clockwise = you’re right-brained

The site claims that right-brain functions include:
uses feeling,
“big picture” oriented,
imagination rules perception,
symbols and images,
present and future,
philosophy & religion,
can “get it” (i.e. meaning),
spatial perception,
knows object function,
presents possibilities,
impetuous, and risk-taking.

If you see the dancer moving
Counter-clockwise = you’re left-brained

use logic,
facts rule your perception,
words and language,
present and past,
math and science,
can comprehend,
order/pattern perception,
know objects’ names,
form strategies,
practical, and safe.

Of course, as far as being able to see from different perspectives (the facility with which you can apply critical-thinking skills), you might want to see how easily you can make the dancer switch directions.

In a similar exercise, creative writers sometimes change which hand they write with in order to change their thinking patterns for fresh ideas.

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