Take The Initiative


On Taking Initiative

Whether he or she knows it or not,
every manager needs every employee
to participate and to speak up,
just as every employee
needs to be respected, trusted and valued to
play a part in the big picture.
For no one person has all the answers
and no manager knows any job
as well as the person whose job it is,
nor should he or she even try to.
So commit to yourself,
right here and right now,
that you will never let an opportunity go by,
where improvement can be made,
or money saved,
or a customer better served,
without speaking up or making a suggestion.
For better or for worse,
it’s your duty,
not only for your organization’s benefit,
but for your own.
Dream big dreams,
and hold yourself to a higher standard.
Don’t ever be afraid to say what’s on your mind,
if you truly believe it will make things better.
You hold the key to your own future.
Make it the future you want it to be–
not the one someone else decides for you.


*This poem was taken from a great book by Bob Nelson – 1001 Ways To Take Initiative At Work. Please visit his site for more information or to order his book.

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