Top 10 Toys for Boys and Girls


So Christmas is 23 days away. Did you do all the holiday shopping needed to be done? Probably not, I know I haven’t, I’m still procrastinating. If you decide that not everyone is getting a gift this year, just make sure that the little ones get a gift. Grown ups can buy their own gifts, but little ones look forward to the holidays to get what they really been dreaming, praying, writing letters to Santa for. So don’t be selfish get your son/daughter, niece/nephew, grandson/granddaughter, etc… a gift this year.

According to the
National Retail Federation:
The Top Most Requested Gift for Girls this year is Barbie
(hmm, i dont know who voted for that, but if that’s what our children want, then hey, but I have not seen a Barbie commercial in ages, eh, whatever)

anyways moving on…

The Top Most Requested Gift for Boys this year is Video Games
(now we talking!!!)

2008 Top Toys for Girls

1. Barbie
2. Disney Hannah Montana
3. Dolls (generic)
4. Bratz
5. Nintendo Wii
6. Video Games
7. Elmo
8. Disney High School Musical
9. Disney Princess
10. American Girl

2008 Top Toys for Boys

1. Video Games
2. Nintendo Wii
4. Cars (generic)
5. Transformers
6. Elmo
7. Star Wars
8. Hot Wheels
9. Remote Controlled Vehicles
10. Xbox 360

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