Eat This Not That in 129 Tweets

I Tweeted the following info on my Twitter page about a month ago, while I was reading:


Eat This, Not That – The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution! by: David Zinczenko

I thought this would be something useful to go back to and read, so here they are:

    1. Studies have found that Men who ate 2-4 servings of tomatoes/wk reduced their risk of Prostate Cancer by 26%.
    2. I love the KFC Mashed Bowl but never realized how bad it is when it comes to these numbers: 740 Cal, 35g. Fat, 2,350mg of sodium!! Ouch!
    3. Chipotle Lovers – Stay away from that Chicken Burrito hre R the numbers: 1,092 cal, 44g fat, 2,323mg of sodium!! Eat the burrito bowl instead.
    4. I don’t know how true this is but… McDs opens a new restaurant every 4 hours! Wow!!
    5. BK’s Mayo is one of the worst in the fast food world. (I thought McDs “McMayo” Chicken Sandwich was the worst?!)
    6. Eating 2 sweet potatoes every week will provide u w/ Beta Carotene (same thing in Carrots), which cn help decrease skin cancer risk.
    7. GTK – Good 2 Know: Pineapples R loaded w/ bromelain & papain, enzymes 2 help break down proteins 4 digestion.
    8. (Pineapples) & have anti-inflammatory properties 2 help u recover faster frm a workout.
    9. A Popeyes biscuit has 240 cal. and 13g of Fat. Replace that biscuit with a side of green beans!
    10. I luv Lobsters! Good source of Phosphorus, which helps the body turn carbs & fat in2 energy & use proteins 2 repair cells & tissues.
    11. Had a Meat Lasagna lately?! (numbers: 650 cal, 37g Fat), eat an onion-rich salad to cut cholesterol after. (Mytip: Carry gum as well)
    12. Ha! I know sum1 that loves ths drink: Venti White Hot Chocolate (#’s 640cal, 28g fat, 76g sugar). A meal in a cup!!
    13. ….Starbucks Venti… cont…Substitute whole w/ Skim milk, & ask 4 1 pump of syrup instead of the usual 3 or 4.
    14. Wow, I’m guilty of ths sandwich: Subways 6inch Tuna (#’s 530cal, 31g fat, 1,010mg sodium). U R better off eating the 6in double roast beef.
    15. In salads, skip the Croutons if looking 4 crunch, they do nothing 4 ur body except bloat it, eat red or yellow bell peppers, more Vit. C


  1. For protein on salads add hard boiled eggs. For protein and fiber add 1/2 cup of canned chickpeas!
  2. Try Romaine Lettuce instead of mixed greens, they are a nutritional powerhouse w/ tons of fiber, vit. A & C
  3. Numbers for a Cinnabon: 730cal, 24g fat, 49g sugar
  4. When selecting a breakfast cereal make sure it has at least 3g of Fiber & less than 10g of sugar per 1 cup Serving. Plain Cheerios 4 example.
  5. Study showed people who consumed 3 6-ounce servings of Fat-Free yogurt daily lost 81 percent more fat from their midsections.
  6. One English muffin (two halves) has half as many calories as Two slices of bread.
  7. The truth on egg whites: dont fear the yolks, u R missing out on key vitamins – A, ß & Σ as well as brain fueling Choline…
  8. …Plus Lutein and Zeaxanthin to preserve ur eyesight. Egg whites provide protein but not much else. :-(
  9. Eggo Original Syrup the numbers: 240cal, 0g Fat, 40g sugars. It is like pouring a can of coke on ur pancakes. Smh, lol.
  10. I luv cheetos Puffs!! But according 2 the book Eat ths Not that, u R better off eating the Crunchy Cheetos, it has 60mg less sodium.
  11. Study found those who munched on nuts high in Monounsaturated Fat felt full 90 mins longer than those who snacked on lowfat food like rice cakes.
  12. Craisins, I’m shocked!! Numbers: 138cal, 0.5g Fat, tons of freaking sugar! 30g sugars!!! Skip it!! Have Dry apricots instead…
  13. Too many of the empty calories we eat comes from mindless munching and poor food choices.
  14. Not all Lean Cuisine’s frozen dinners is good for u, read the label, and watch out for Sodium and fats!
  15. Eggo Whole Wheat Waffles: Numbers for 2 waffles – 180cal, 6g fat, 420mg sodium, almost the same number as regular waffles…
  16. (Eggos)but the slow-digesting carbs from the whole wheat means a longer, slower release of energy throughout the morning.
  17. Cutting down salt, stick w/ Swiss Cheese. It has one-third the sodium of cheddar, and one-fourth the sodium of provolone.
  18. Rather than ordering a footlong, double the meat on the 6in. Saves u money and 230 calories if u get a turkey sandwich.
  19. Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette is one of the most nutritious omelettes.
  20. Stick with Hormel line of Deli meats, it is one of the only products produced without Nitrates, growth hormones or other chemicals.
  21. Did u know: white and wheat bread both come from wheat. The only difference is that whole wheat is less refined than white bread.
  22. When choosing a loaf, look for whole wheat bread that contains at least 3g of fiber per slice.
  23. According 2 the book hre R 8 foods u shld eat everyday: Spinach, Yogurt, Tomatoes, Carrots, Blueberries, Black Beans, Walnuts & Oats.
  24. There are substitutes to these 8 foods…
  25. Why Spinach? b/c its a muscle builder rich in plant-based Omega 3s & folate, helping reduce heart disease, stroke, & Osteo. Kale is a good subs.
  26. Why Yogurt? this Probiotic bacteria is beneficial 2 ur body, it helps boost ur immune system & provides protection against cancer. Make sure the label says “live and active cultures”
  27. Why Tomatoes? Red tomatoes R the best, they’re packed w/ more Lycopene. Diet rich in Lycopene can decrease ur risk of bladder, lung, prostate, skin & stomach cancer as well as the risk of coronary artery disease.
  28. Why Carrots? Because they help reduced a wide range of cancers, as well as reducing the risk of asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  29. Why Blueberries? Full of antioxidants, they help prevent cancer, diabetes, & age-related memory changes aka “brain berry”. Rich in fiber, vit. A&C
  30. Why Black Beans? All beans R good 4 your heart, but black beans can boost your brain power. Full of anthocyanins – antioxidants 2 improve brain function.
  31. Why Walnuts? Richer in heart-healthy omega-3s than Salmon, loaded w/ more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than Red wine, & packing half as much muscle-building proteins as chicken. Walnuts are a good Post-workout recovery snack.
  32. Last: Why Oats? b/c they are PACKED w/soluble fiber, 2 lower risk of heart disease. They have 10g of proteins 2 deliver steady muscle-friendly energy.
  33. When purchasing Bottle pasta sauces such as Ragu or Prego, look for sauce that have 9g of sugar or less.
  34. According to Illy Coffee, A shot of Expresso has 35% less caffeine than a cup of brewed coffee. (Interesting)
  35. Skip the Iced Coffee b4 ur next public speaking venture: Iced and Caffeinated drinks tighten the vocal cords, as so acidic drinks like OJ. So for at least 2hrs b4 ur next nerve-tickling event stick w/ liquids at room temperature.
  36. Skip the whip cream on iced coffees – a scoop of whip cream from Starbucks adds 70cals and 7g of fat to ur drink.
  37. Dunkin’ Donuts Strawberry Coolatta- Numbers: 290cal, 0g fat, 65g sugars
  38. Hangover helpers: Gatorade – alcohol dehydrates u, Gatorade rehydrates, better than water & w/the salt it helps ur body absorb the fluid faster.
  39. Drink only light-liquor – white wine, vodka, & gin. They have fewer headache inducing congeners than dark liquor.
  40. 10 saltines (crackers) washed down w/ 24oz of water. Salt helps retain the fluid u lose over a night of drinking.
  41. 15 foods that cure: Best Skin Saver: Carrots – helps prevents skin cancer. Best colon cancer guard: Green Tea – cuts the risk in half
  42. Best Blood Sugar stabilizer: Raspberries -contains anthocyanins which boost insulin production & lower blood sugar levels defense against diabetes.
  43. Best heart protector: Salmon (I ♡ it) lol. It helps raise good HDL cholesterol levels, also omega 3s to ward off heart disease.
  44. Best Breast Cancer beater: Whole-Grain Cereal – women getting at least 30g of fiber daily are half as likely 2 develop breast cancer. FiberOne.
  45. Best Bone Protector: Shrimp-high in B12 it aids in bone density & crucial in the generation of new cells. Good source of Vit. D (bone strength)
  46. Best Vision Defender: Spinach or Romaine Lettuce – ppl who consume the most lutein ( leafy greens) are 43% less likely 2 develop vision loss.
  47. Best Cavity Killer: Monterey Jack Cheese – eating less than a quarter ounce of Jack, Cheddar, Gouda or Mozzarella will boost pH levels 2 protect ur teeth from cavities.
  48. Best Blood Pressure Reducer: Baked Potato w/ skin – increasing the amt of potassium in ur diet will significantly lower ur blood pressure.
  49. Best Anti-Aging Elixir: Red Wine – an antioxidant in red wine called Resveratol may help extend life. Pinot Noir has the most Resveratol.
  50. Best Hair Rejuvenator: Beef – Iron in the meat stimulates hair turnover & replenishment. Rich in zinc which helps guard against hair loss.
  51. Best Lung Cancer fighter: Grapefruit – one a day can help u reduce ur risk of developing lung cancer by up to 50%.
  52. Best Cholesterol reducer: Olive Oil – antioxidants found in olives helps raise HDL (good) and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  53. Best Prostate Protector: Garlic – compounds in garlic has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 50%.
  54. Best Brain Booster: Coffee – it can help decrease ur risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 60%.
  55. What to eat when u’re stressed?! 1 cup of low-fat yogurt or 2Tbsp of mixed nuts.
  56. Red Bell Peppers – Vit C reduces the secretion of stress hormones.
  57. A cup of Peppermint Tea – it helps u focus & boost performance. Studies found that peppermint makes drivers more alert & less anxious.
  58. A handful of sesame seeds – stress hormones can deplete ur body’s supply of Magnesium, reducing ur stress-coping abilities, and increasing ur risk of developing high blood pressure. Sesame seeds are packed w/ this mineral.
  59. Don’t HAVE: A can of soda – Studies found that ppl who drink 2 1/2 cans of soda daily are 3Xs more likely 2 B depressed & anxious, compared 2 those who drink fewer.
  60. What 2 eat when u R sad? A spinach salad – rich in ß vitm. (feel good vitms). A lack of ß6 can cause nervousness, irritability & even depression.
  61. Tuna Sashimi or Grilled Salmon – studies found that people who eat more fish are 31% less likely to suffer from depression.
  62. Have 1tbsp of ground Flaxseed daily – best source of ALA (healthy fat 2 improve brain functioning). Sprinkle it on salads or a shake.
  63. DO NOT EAT:White Chocolate – it contains no cocoa solids, & it lacks the ability 2 stimulate the euphoria-inducing chemicals that reg. Chocolate does. Go 4 dark chocolate instead. Cacao = more happy chemicals & less sugar.
  64. People who frequently eat high-fiber foods have a more positive outlook on life & R less like 2 feel depressed than those who ate less fiber.
  65. What 2 eat when u are feeling FAT?! Grilled Chicken Breast – protein in lean meats fills u up & speeds metabolism, which cuts cravings. High protein diets also help to build muscle and attack extra belly fat.
  66. Eat a Graprefruit – this in addition 2 your reg. meals can speed weight loss.The acidity slows digestion,helping u feel full longer.
  67. Eat: A small scoop of tuna salad (no bread) – eating salmon & tuna can speed up the movement of food from your stomach 2 your intestines.
  68. Don’t EAT: Canned soup & salty snacks – Sodium binges can lead 2 water retention, which makes your belly feel like a beach ball.
  69. Avoid belly inflation by skipping salty foods like salted nuts and chips, or chinese food and/or mexican food.
  70. What 2 eat when you are running low on energy?! A handful of trail mix – raisins provide potassium which your body uses 2 convert sugar into energy. Nuts stock your body w/ magnesium, important in metabolism, nerve function, and muscle function.
  71. Eat: A bowl of cereal – excellent source of thiamin & riboflavin. Both vitms 2 help your body use energy efficiently.
  72. Eat: A high-protein salad w/ vinaigrette-the oil in the dressing will help slow down digestion of protein & carbs in the salad
  73. DON’T HAVE: Espresso drinks – caffeine perks u up, but all that sugar will eventually send u crashing, stick w/brewed coffee.
  74. DO NOT HAVE: Pancakes and Bagels
  75. Need a Brain Boost?! Eat: Blueberries – remember “brain berries.” They help protect the brain from free-radical damage.
  76. Drink: Coffee – the ultimate Brain Fuel. It has been shown 2 enhance short-term memory performance, improves attention.
  77. Eat: Salmon or Mackerel – the omega-3 fatty acids found in the fish are one of the primary building blocks of brain tissue.
  78. DO NOT EAT: Ice cream – it is just not a brain food. Not at all!! Maybe brain freeze but not food.
  79. Women are less prone to memory loss than are men. Progesterone protects the neurotransmitters in the female brain.
  80. What 2 eat when u want 2 increase metabolism?! Drink: Green Tea – Catechins (antioxidant found in GT) are known 2 increase metabolism.
  81. Eat: Steak & Eggs – increasing the percentage of protein-based cals. in your diet burns 71 more cal a day.
  82. Skipping meals let’s your body’s calorie-burning furnace go cold…Have healthy snacks throughout the day.
  83. Drink Yerba Mate tea – contains up to 90% more metabolism-boosting catechins than Green Tea. Get it from Whole Foods.
  84. What 2 eat when u need 2 Sleep?! Try eating: Nonfat Popcorn – pop a bag 30mins b4 bedtime, the carbs will induce ur body 2 produce serotonin.
  85. Try: Oatmeal w/ sliced banana and walnuts.
  86. Eat: a handful of sesame seeds-best natural source of Tryptophan, the sleep-inducing amino acid.
  87. DO NOT HAVE: a glass of warm milk – the protein in milk boosts alertness.
  88. Cherry juice helps u sleep as well.
  89. What 2 eat when u need 2 wake up & GO?! Eat: Eggs & whole wheat toast. Protein gets u going.
  90. Researchers found: ppl who 8 eggs 4 breakfast consumed 264 fewer cal the rest of the day than those who 8 bagel & cream cheese.
  91. Eat Cottage Cheese topped w/ Berries. If you want the energy 2 last until lunch, Leggo the Eggo & Aunt Jemima.
  92. Or you can have Two Scrambled eggs stuffed into a whole wheat pita, for long lasting energy. :-)
  93. Eat: Post® Original Shredded Wheat. Cereals shld contain at least 5g of fiber & no more than 5g of sugar.
  94. The fiber keeps ur belly full and ur blood sugar levels stable. Add some strawberries, raisins or blueberries to spice it up. :-)
  95. What not 2 eat?! Bagel & cream cheese (numbers: 500 cals 60g of carbs 20g of fat) ths is 1 of the worst ways 2 start ur day. The carbs in the bagel & cream cheese, crossaints, danish, donuts & pancakes will cause a dip in energy & spike hunger before lunchtime.
  96. Did u know: waiting more than 90 mins after waking to eat breakfast may increase ur chances of obesity by nearly 50%
  97. What 2 eat when u are under the weather?! Drink: Ginseng tea, hot or iced – study shows ppl who took 400mg of ginseng a day had 25% fewer colds. Ginseng helps kill invading viruses by increasing the body’s production of key immune cells.
  98. Under the weather?! Drink: Green Tea – EGCG, chemical compound that is potent in Green Tea, has bn shown 2 stp the adenovirus (cold bug). Pump green tea into ur system at the first sign of a cold. Best brand: Tetley® Green Tea.
  99. Eat: Oranges – the zinc and Vit. C helps decrease the severity and duration of ur symptoms.
  100. Have: Olive Oil and Avocados – foods rich in healthy fats help reduce inflammation, a catalyst for migraines.
  101. STAY AWAY FROM: Caffeinated & Energy drinks – caffeine screws w/ ur zzz schedule & insufficient zzz can lead 2 colds.
  102. What 2 eat when u wnt 2 look & feel younger?! Sunflower Seeds – they have the highest natural vit. E content, helps fight off aging. Other great sources of vit. E include Total® cereal, Propel® Fitness Water.
  103. Eat: Spinach & beans… Studies show those that eat leafy greens & beans have fewer wrinkles. They help prevent/repair wear & tear.
  104. Drink: Red wine & Grape Juice – they provide protection frm heart attack & stroke, but also keep ur skin from sagging.
  105. Sweet potatoes-Pigment from beta-carotene (carrots…) can build up in ur skin 2 help prevent damage frm UV rays.
  106. Overexposure to the sun is one of rhe primary reasons men age prematurely.
  107. Coffee – has been shown 2 retard the aging process, fight off Alzheimer’s disease, & enhance Short Term Memory.
  108. What 2 eat 2 get the most out of ur workout?! Eat:PB & J or Pasta – the perfect post-weight training repast has abt 400cal w/ 20-30g of protein to build muscle and 50-60g of carbs to repair old muscle.
  109. Eat: Pork Tenderloin – Lean meats are great low-calorie source of protein.
  110. Eat: Pineapple & Papaya loaded w/ enzymes that not only help break down proteins 4 digestion, but also help u recover after a workout.
  111. Drinking Milk does a better job than water or sports drink 2 rehydrate the body after a workout. Y? b/c it has more electrolytes & potassium.
  112. Coffee – caffeine supplement after an exercise cn reduce soreness more than pain relievers can.
  113. Chocolate milk is 40% more effective at repairing muscles after a workout than plain milk.
  114. Did You Know – after exercise, munch immediately (w/in 30 mins) so ur body doesn’t begin to break down muscle tissue to replenish itself.

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