The Know-Before-You-Board List

Airport Checkpoint
Nothing annoys me more than going to the airport and having to deal with people that apparently are not up to date with traveling rules and regulations on what to bring on the plane, when going through checkpoint.

The worst is to be slowed down and wait so much longer because someone is bringing a bottle of water, regular sized toothpaste, lotion, cologne, etc…

So anyways, I have come up with this handy list below for those of us that are still kinda sorta clueless about theses things, the TSA has also come up with a handy list of their own, and they call it 3-1-1.

I’m calling this list the “Know B4 U Board”

While packing your luggage and carry-on luggage please make sure to do the following:

What goes in your luggage (the one you check in)?!

  • Any liquids that are over 3 ounces, hair gel, lotions, toothpaste, mouthwash, bottle water, etc…

What goes in your carry on (the one that goes on the plane)?!

Airport Toiletries

  • Any liquids that are under 3 ounces!

Lots of stores sell travel size items, such as toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, etc… obviously for cases like this.

Bed Bath and Beyond also sells the small (3oz) empty bottles that you can fill up with shampoo, lotion, conditioner, etc…)

  • Once you have these 3oz or less (travel size) bottles, you MUST put them in a clear Ziploc bag.
  • ONE bag per person, so try to squeeze everything in there, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, etc…) NO WATER/JUICE/DRINKS!!!

You can bring water/juice/drinks on the plane AFTER you go through security (checkpoint). I repeat, AFTER!!

Other things to remember:

You will be asked to remove your shoes, no matter what you have on, so just be prepared to do so.

Word of Advice:

Make sure your feet don’t smell. I had the worst experience when coming back from Orlando, with this group whose feet were BEYOND stinky. I think the TSA people were hoping they would keep their shoes on. It was gross!! TSA had to get an air freshener and spray the area. GROSS!!

*For more information visit: TSA

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