Mother’s death may have caused Alexander McQueen’s Suicide

The famous designer Alexander McQueen has his fans feeling devastated and sadden after hearing the sad news yesterday that he had committed suicide. All over Twitter, Facebook, and then eventually through the news websites you learned that Alexander McQueen was no longer with us.
You might remember Alexander McQueen from Lady Gaga’s SICK video, Bad Romance! I know I did, and after I watched that video and saw those black shoes I said I want them, and I googled for them right after. I, unfortunately, did not get them, at least not yet, they are a little over my budget. LOL.
Anyways, according to NY Daily News it seems as though his suicide may have been due to his mother’s recent death (Feb. 2). McQueen committed suicide a day before his mother’s funeral.

The outrageous, envelope-pushing designer once revealed that his greatest fear was that she would die before him. Tragically, that fear was realized on Feb. 2, when Joyce McQueen passed away.
Her son, the youngest of her six children, outlived his beloved mum by a little over a week. Yesterday, his body was discovered in his swank London apartment, where he apparently hanged himself the day before his mother’s funeral.

May He Rest In Peace!

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