iPad Review

The iPad Review!

This apparatus is just one big toy, one huge iTouch. I personally would not pay the insane amount of money this thing is worth. I would expect more for the money. Anyways, while strolling through 5th Avenue and seeing the crowd outside the Apple store I decided why not just go in the store and see what’s really special about the iPad. I’ve asked my Babycakes to review the iPad, so here you go:


  • Very capable web browsing tool
  • It will appeal to the gamers out there
  • It will appeal to fans of ebooks/portable books. Has a very extensive book library
  • Quick & responsive to your touch
  • Great photo viewer
  • You can also sync it to your computer as an external monitor, you get more real estate with this.


  • Excessively heavy
  • No video camera
  • No Flash support
  • Virtual keyboard is very hard to type on, you would have to get the keyboard adaptor if you would like to type on it with ease.
  • Screen collects a lot of fingerprints, as you can see in the video.

iPad Review – NYC 4/3/10 from Arie Rich on Vimeo.

In conclusion it is a media or multimedia device, with 10 hour of battery life, as well as many applications exclusively for iPad which will be available pretty soon.  Bottom line think of the iPad as a tablet computer, but with a lot of stuff missing.

3 thoughts on “iPad Review

  1. KMP Post author

    Yea, me too. I am actually waiting on the iPhone 4G. I hope that's worth the money.

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