What Present To Buy For Father’s Day?

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It’s definitely not an easy task to buy a present for a father. The older they get the less likely it is that something will really strike them and make them happy even for a few minutes, unless you can afford spending a fortune. Fathers are in a sense aged kids who have became difficult to get enthusiastic about new things as they have tried pretty much what they could afford. Buying them a Ferrari or a liar Jet would definitely work and make them look like 10 year old boys again but it seems unlikely that anyone would afford anything like that.

Unlike mums, who normally are pleased equally with any kind of present, from a bunch of flowers to a trip to some exotic islands, dads do not seem to share the same emotional appreciation for gifts they don’t like in particular. Their rationalism does not allow them leave aside their grumpiness and the ones who are aware of that will try to hide their emotions by being polite while some other ones won’t help it and their indifference or negativity will become obvious pretty quickly.

If you are a guy you have more chances to please them as you can buy a pair of tickets for a football game or buy a new fishing rod so you can go fishing together. But if you are a girl, chances are that the aforementioned activities won’t probably sound very appealing but on the other hand buying them another perfume or some new sleepers (again) is not going to work either. What I find is really key for any present you buy is to convince them that it was a real bargain and that it didn’t cost you too much because after the research they will do, they may even get pissed off that on that X website you could have got it with a 15% discount.

Depending on their personality there may be some fluctuations in their reaction upon reception of your gift but some general terms and conditions apply pretty much in most cases:

  • You didn’t need to spend all that money  as your mum is going to be very jealous or at least expect something bigger at Mother’s day
  • You shouldn’t have bought anything at all as Father’s day is a superficial day made up for businesses to make some extra money. No gift though will definitely make them unhappy and they will start moaning about it to their wife, recalling Mother’s day and how many valuable gifts they received.
  • Don’t go cheap because they will think that that reflects how much you value them

Some useful tips and ideas:

  • Always tell them that that what you bought was a unique, last piece at a very good price.
  • Prefer hand-made products that you can buy cheaply in flea markets or buy them while you are. They are better choices as your dad won’t be able to find out on the internet how much you actually paid for.
  • Call them a week in advance and mention those debts and financial problems you’re facing. This way they won’t have great expectations.
  • Research on what they liked doing when they where kids and try to find one of those old fashioned silly toys or a book they used to be taught at school. Things which are hard to find are always highly appreciated, especially if they don’t know they are still available.
  • Contact one of their best friends and find out whether they have any photo dating back to the 40s or 50s when they were kids/teenagers/schoolmates/comrades wearing those scruffy clothes. Just make a print, find a nice cornice and they will love you forever.
  • Offer them a trip to a destination where they always wanted to go but your mum didn’t want to go. If you have time to join them that’s good but if you don’t it’s even better so you won’t be there to be blamed for because it was your idea, just in case they have a bad time.
  • Cook for them that great dish their mum used to cook but your mum hasn’t cooked at all in 50 years. Just make sure you do it the right way though, otherwise your attempt will receive very negative criticism and you will spoil that special day.

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  1. KMP Post author

    Thanks! Yes it was entertaining. I'm still debating what to get my dad for Father's Day. I still have time to get a gift.

  2. Models

    Very funny post. It made us laugh in some parts but we totally agree with most of the tips. Dads can be so complicated!