Apple iPhone 4 lines, not that bad

Around 5:30pm on Wed., June 23, iPhone 4 Line outside Apple Store (5th Ave)

Yesterday, around 5:30pm I made my way around the Apple Store, location: 5th Avenue to see what the line was looking like and what I’ll be facing myself with the following day. As I made my way around to take the pic and record some video, I came across the number one guy on the Pre-order line, Greg Packer. I saw him on Mashable’s video the day before, he’s the dude in the bright orange shirt. I asked him how long he’s been here, he stated since Monday.
The lines are somewhat separated, across from where Greg is sitting, is the NON reservations line, the people with no pre-orders hoping to get a phone on June 24th.

I got a chance to speak to the second person on the line, he’s also on Mashable’s video, he’s from Boston, and him and his friends came out to camp out since Tuesday. I asked him if he was also a pre-order he stated yea, then went on to point out how long the pre-order line goes, which wasn’t too far, like 10 people as of yesterday, 5:30pm. He proceeded to point out the NON Pre-order line and that went out around about 4 times. I then asked him, what did they (the apple store) say about the procedure of the lines tomorrow morning. When are the NON-pre-orders going in?! Apparently, everyone on the Pre-order line is guaranteed a phone, he stated “I don’t even know why I’m on this line, I have a reservation.”  I noticed that the lines weren’t as bad as they were back in 2008 when iPhone 3G came out.
The non pre-orders will be given a chance to get a phone but, the quantities for sale are very limited, so everyone on the non pre-order line might not get an iPhone today.

As of 7am today, the Apple stores doors have opened and if you are a pre-order get out there and get your phone, you have until 12am today to pick it up.