Mitrice Richardson – Cali Girl No Longer With Us


On September 25, 2009 I posted a blog post about a young 25 year old girl from California, who was reported missing after being released from jail at 1:45am for not paying a tab at a restaurant. Ever since last September, the parents, sibling and friends of Mitrice Richardson have been searching for her endlessly, until this week…when authorities confirmed that the remains they found at Malibu Canyon could be Mitrice.

When I posted the story last year and read about it on news sites such as LA Times, CNN, etc… I was very disturbed by some of the comments people left in regard to the story. As human beings I think we have forgotten about being humane, it seems like nowadays, people say and do whatever they want and please and not care about it. I’ve read things like, not my problem, who cares, don’t blame the cops for her parent’s raising a child that steals… and many more ridiculous comments that make you wonder, wow are we really that selfish?! It is SAD!!! I’ve also notice that we (human beings) love to entertain crap, such as this JetBlue guy story, internet celeb overnight, and still going, but when it comes to searching for a missing child or helping in the search of a missing child, nobody cares…
Anyways, today, even after finding out that this poor girl was found dead, the story on LA Times was just RIDICULOUS! Highly disappointed in their “choice” of words, this paragraph in particular rubbed me the wrong way:

And at a time when law enforcement agencies and the media have been accused of devoting less attention to minorities who go missing than to pretty white women who disappear, Richardson — a black woman who was a strikingly attractive former beauty pageant contestant — got extraordinary attention, becoming a high-profile enough case to make the cover of People magazine last fall along with several other missing people. LA TIMES

Hmm… I don’t think that’s what she wanted!

I just think this story is sad! I am sorry the parents weren’t able to get to her sooner. I’m really curious to know how she died. All they said was that her remains were found in a Malibu Canyon ravine, did she fall? was she attacked?! So many questions, not enough answers…

I am outraged about this story and I do hope they find the people responsible for this girl’s disappearance and death. At this point it sounds like there’s much more to the story.  I commend the family for suing the police department, this isn’t about money, and even if it is, they have a right to get money for all the pain and suffering.

It ain’t over til it’s over!

RIP Mitrice Richardson!

3 thoughts on “Mitrice Richardson – Cali Girl No Longer With Us

  1. Dyeve

    Oh, God! I'm so sory about all this story…I don't know how are the laws there..but I'm on the side of the truth.. and the one who has committed any offense to this girl should be punished! And very soon not commit other crimes..or I don't know.
    This girl could be our doughter, our fiancee..etc. and people deserve an explanation..ultimately it's about common sense.

    Nice post, btw..I enjoyed every word from it.. smiles

    Take care and have a blessed week-end!


  2. KMP Blog Post author

    Yup. We need a good balance of both. If we going to support JetBlue guy we can at least support stories like these.

  3. La:Dolce:Vita Fashio

    Wow! That is so sad.. I totally agree. Our priorities are all messed up…