Frozen, Get Him to the Greek, Iron Man 2, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, The Killer Inside Me on DVD Tuesday 9/28/10

What’s on DVD Tuesday, September 28, 2010?


Snow-sport enthusiasts, take note: Adam Green’s unsettling thriller Frozen suggests that abiding by the rules and regulations of your local ski resort might not only be polite, but essential to your health. Green’s hapless heroes–nice guy Dan (Kevin Zegers, Transamerica), his best pal Lynch (Shawn Ashmore, the X-Men franchise), and Dan’s new girlfriend Parker (newcomer Emma Bell)–decided to cut a few corners in pursuit of more time on the slopes. (Amazon)

Get Him to the Greek

The man who put the rock in raucous, Aldous Snow, returns to new levels of debauchery in Get Him to the Greek, something of a spinoff of the character’s first appearance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. As played by the equally naughty Russell Brand, Aldous has fallen off the wagon and is more obnoxious than ever, a condition that will make Aaron Green’s job more difficult. (Amazon)

KMP’s POV:This movie was painful to watch. Not only was it slow and boring, it was long, and hard to finish watching. It just wasn’t THAT funny.

Iron Man 2

After the high-flying adventures of the first Iron Man picture, the billionaire arms manufacturer and irrepressible bon vivant Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) finds himself nursing a hangover. But not like any hangover he’s had before: this one is toxic, a potentially deadly condition resulting from heavy metals (or something) bleeding out of the hardware he’s installed in the middle of his chest. This is the problem Stark needs to solve in Iron Man 2, not to mention the threat from resentful Russian science whiz Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), whose father helped create the Iron Man technology. (Amazon)

Superman/Batman Apocalypse

When a spaceship splashes down in Gotham Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as Superman’s. When Darkseid gets wind of this, he has the Kryptonian abducted and brought under his control on Apokolips. It’s up to Batman and Superman to retrieve the Kryptonian, forcing them to infiltrate Darkseid’s hostile world where superpowerful threats lurk around every corner. This story is based on Jeff Loeb’s popular mini-series from the Superman/Batman comic books. (Amazon)

The Killer Inside Me

No stranger to literary adaptations, Michael Winterbottom sinks his teeth into Jim Thompson’s noir classic for this cinematic murder ballad. Set in 1950s Texas, the story centers on Lou Ford (Casey Affleck, chilling yet strangely sympathetic), whose polite demeanor masks a murderer (and marks Affleck’s second lethal Ford after The Assassination of Jesse James). The deputy doesn’t lack for compassion, but a twisted childhood drives him to inflict pain. He’s also a pathological liar, though a union leader (Elias Koteas) and an attorney (The Mentalist‘s Simon Baker) have their doubts. (Amazon)


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3 thoughts on “Frozen, Get Him to the Greek, Iron Man 2, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, The Killer Inside Me on DVD Tuesday 9/28/10

  1. KMP Blog Post author

    ooh, I have both on my Netflix queue can't wait to see them. Did you do a review on The Killer Inside Me or Frozen?

  2. Film-Book dot Com

    Frozen was not that bad. good third act. The Killer Inside Me was fraked up the way American Pyscho should have been.