The Night Chronicles: DEVIL (The Review)

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This weekend premiered the first film of the Night Chronicles Series, Devil. As a scary movie fanatic, I support scary movies that I find to be worth my time and money. When I saw the preview/trailer for Devil, I found it to be interesting, not corny like the rest of the scary movies that came out lately, and the best thing was, that it wasn’t in 3D.  It seems like every slasher/thriller, kids or action movies that come out are in 3D.  Every movie does not need to be in 3D, the only movie that was worth my 3D money was Avatar, anything after that was a waste.

Anyways onto the movie, first of I would like to say that I was not paid to review this movie, nor do I work for Universal Pictures or Devil production company. I did however received t-shirts and other cool giveaways to promote a movie to my readers which I thought was worth the watch.

From the moment the movie started to the moment it ended I was hooked! The story line flowed and the acting was excellent! Not scripted and cheap super low-budget Hollywood film. This is the kinda scary movie I’d like to see more often, the one where there isn’t too much going on and keeps you hooked til the very end. I laughed and I jumped a several times, I even covered my eyes at times because of the suspense.

Devil was an entertaining scary movie, with a good ending. Overall the movie was better than I had expected, great storyline, great performance, entertaining and worth my movie bucks. With that said, I am looking forward to other Night Chronicles (Twelve Strangers).

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6 thoughts on “The Night Chronicles: DEVIL (The Review)

  1. IAmLexiB

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  2. KMP Blog Post author

    LOL, Yea, Devil is a solid scary movie with a great storyline that is unfortunately getting a bad rep because of M. Night's other not so great films. Devil's story is written by M. Night but it wasn't directed by him, which might be why the movie is worth the watch. For the sake of the movie, I just hope more people realize this small fact and actually give it the time of day to go see it and realize that they might be judging a movie before giving it a chance.

  3. Mike the movie guy

    I'd have to agree with you. I really enjoyed the movie. I'd also agree with Avatar, but if you wanna see TRUE 3D…try DESPICABLE ME…all the way to the end credits.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. KMP Blog Post author

      LOL, I did see Despicable Me in 3D. I think that was the last 3D movie I saw, it was entertaining. Ok, just Avatar and Despicable Me. Nothing else. LOL. Although I'm curious to see what Saw 3D might be like, but doubt I'll see it.

  4. LexiB

    Cool. I was waiting for someone to review Devil. I had heard about it but I had been to the fence about checking it out. And you are so right– the 3D effect is not worth it for most films nowadays. 3D is so 2009. (Lol)