Celebrate the Empty Nest – Fall Vacations

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Back-to-school time usually brings with it a whole new crop of college freshmen, as well as students returning from summer vacation. Both situations can result in the same occurrence: an empty nest.

For many couples who are experiencing this for the first time, the first few weeks may bring some sadness, as you adjust to this new change. However, as the days grow cooler, and the foliage starts changing color, you may find yourself wanting to do something you had previously only dreamed about—take fall vacations.

And, all of a sudden, you realize that now, you can. You don’t have to worry about your child missing regular school anymore, because your child isn’t in regular school any more. Further, if you work, you may find it much easier getting off in the fall than it is during the summer.

So, you’ve realized you can actually take a trip, and, of course, you want to go “leaf looking.” How do you know the best places to go?

This is where the Internet comes into play. Many websites list a number of national parks that are the perfect places to view fall foliage. They even can tell you the best time to go so that you can see the trees at the peak of their beauty. The Internet can also be the place where you’ll find ways to save money on your vacation, if you browse smart and look for hotel coupons.

Best states to travel to see fall foliage?

  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont
  • Upstate New York
  • Wisconsin
  • Maine

Since time and day of the week constraints that were once caused by school no longer exist, you can pretty much go any day you please. You may want to combine a couple of weekdays, such as Thursday and Friday, or Monday and Tuesday, with weekend days, if this will make it easier, since traveling might take longer than just one day.

Fall vacations usually mean fewer families with children traveling, although if schools take fall breaks, this can be different, but you should not have any trouble finding hotel accommodations. In addition to increased availability, many hotels also offer fall or off-season rates or allow more liberal use of hotel coupons. Sites like offers.com provide the latest information on the types of coupons that hotels honor, their availability and any blackout dates that may exist.

As you travel, take some time to look around and see the other things that the National Parks and other leaf-viewing locations have to offer. You might find yourself planning another vacation (again, no school schedules to work around) during another season.

Remember, an empty nest means there will be an adjustment period. Use that time, however, to celebrate the empty nest by taking a fall vacation. You may still miss your “little bird” terribly, and that’s normal, but you might find yourself reconnecting with that special someone who has been there from the day the nest first became occupied up until now. You may find out that you and he (or she) still have a lot of things in common, or have even found some new interests that you can share together.

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