3 Truly Unique Gifts Your Man Will Love

Are you having trouble trying to find a unique gift for your man for the holidays? Have you been planning for Christmas gifts for some time now? If not, don’t sweat it. Here are 3 great and truly unique gift ideas that will have your man telling you that you are the best and most unique girl in the world.

1. A Specialty Pack Just for Him – This very personal and specialized gift consists of many different ideas and variations. What you need to do is find out what he loves and get several little things and one bigger item that revolve around that subject. If he loves music and playing guitar then make him a specialized pack of everything he needs to fulfill this. A handful of guitar picks, new strings, the whole collection of CD’s from his favorite band, topped off with a pair of concert tickets for the two of you is a great start.
If he likes UFC / MMA / Boxing maybe a gift card to his favorite place to eat, a IOU for letting him have his friends over while you entertain and cook hot wings, all while watching that $40 Pay-Per-View fight he has been wanting to watch will surely gain points and appreciation.
If he is very fashionable maybe a new shirt, a gift card to his favorite store, and new bottle of his favorite cologne that he is almost out of also makes a great combination. The possibilities are endless. Just find something he likes a lot and buy several small things that he would like and does not have while making sure to purchase one item that is comparatively more expensive than the others. This is the icing on the cake and allows you to get him several presents, without just buying a lot of cheap and smaller gifts.

2. Beer of the Month Club – Your man is the occasional beer drinker and enjoys a unique and special gift, what could be better than this one? Most beer of the month clubs includes a 12-pack each month that has a wide variety of the best microbrewery beers in the country. Some clubs even have an international beer club, where you get the top imported beers of the world! While these clubs can be somewhat pricey, ranging from $36 a month and roughly $110 for 3 months, what more unique gift could a woman get for her man? This is truly a gift that he will have him bragging about you to all of his friends, not only making them jealous but appreciating you for being so cool, thoughtful, and unique.

3. A Unique Necklace with a Symbolic Pendant – While some men wear very little jewelry at all, they might be more likely if it was stylish and had a special sentimental meaning to it. This is one that is hard to find at your local mall as most of those stores carry only a few styles to choose from. You might be surprised, after looking on the internet, that there is a wide variety of necklaces and pendants to match. The hardest part is finding the perfect one for him. You might want to ask yourself “what style or current fashion does my man already wear or have?” Find this and then start looking for something unique in the category. If he has more of a natural look and appearance then something like a surf necklace or necklace made from hemp might be a good choice. If he is more masculine and likes the UFC / MMA fighting then a tribal necklace might be more his style. Experiment with this one and find a necklace that you think fits his style. Once you find which style of necklace would match his current styles and traits comes the most important and usually the hardest part of the gift, finding the right pendant to go with that necklace. You might find that there are thousands of different styles of pendants with different shapes, sizes, and meanings. Think back to your first observation and conclusion of what style he is. If he is more spiritual then find a style that you think he will like that represents nature, outgoing, or one that means free spirited. If you feel very safe around him and feel like he would do anything he could to protect you then a pendant that means guardian, defender, or protector might be a good pick. It doesn’t matter if he is multiple things to you or if he has multiple traits you admire. Just pick a symbolic men’s pendant that you feel he will not only like but appreciate the meaning behind it, because the meaning means more than anything. Make sure when give it to him to let him know why you chose this specific necklace and pendant. Let him try it on and tell him how good it looks on him and what it means and how you think that represents him. Do this and he will wear and love his new necklace and think of you every time he puts it on.

While these are only a few good gift ideas the main thing is getting him something different and unique. Taking the time to think about the gift and spending the effort looking to find something means much more than the actual gift itself. Not only does he know this, but will see this as well.

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