MidWeek Recap – 11/17/10

Let’s Link Together! This is this week’s MidWeek Recap. What have I read and found interesting this week…

  • This week I came across a few good posts and new blog sites. First I would like to mention this new site by Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger, this week he launched a site called FeelGooder.com.  Great site.
    This blog is about a little of everything. Sort of reminds me of my blog, but I like the name he gave it. Feel Gooder. As in feel good about yourself. This site will have posts on healthy living, finance, relationships, a little bit of everything to make you feel good. I’m really looking forward to this blog and hopefully I’ll be able to contribute and guest post there at least once in the upcoming year. We’ll see.
  • Earlier this week the O So Chic ladies shared with us about this great spot where we can take Power Naps. I’m always down for a power nap during the day; I wish my job had a power nap spa in the building.
  • For those of us that LOVE giveaways, John Simon Daily posted some really exciting DVD giveaways, go check them out. Good Luck!
  • Speaking of LOVE, Naked with Socks On gave us a really great post on Marriage and Does It Still Matter?!
  • and last but not least Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips gave us 8 Critical Questions we should ask ourselves as Bloggers. A Must Read.