Lucky Me

February has been a very good month for me. Earlier this month my picture wins the Brisk Lipton/Instagram/SXSW contest, so next month I’ll get to see my image on a limited edition Brisk Lipton can. How cool is that?! and just last week I win a Katherine Kwei handbag (retail value $1,365).

I’m not a high maintenance girl and I don’t own things this pricey, but this bag is truly amazing. You can see the quality, craftsmanship and design, which makes it so unique. Unlike any other designer handbag that I’ve seen, the Katherine Kwei handbags are lovely because of their subtleness and not so flashy look.

Anyways, I wanted to thank Katherine Kwei for all the love she’s been showing me on her page, and for this amazing bag, I truly appreciate it! Thank you!!!

Katherine Kwei Donna Large Hobo Classic

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