The Happiest Jobs on Earth

women smiling

Sorry to say, working at Disneyland won’t make you nearly as happy as visiting will (you don’t want to ruin the magic).  But there are a number of professions that will bring satisfaction to the people who choose them.  While there certainly is a level of subjectivity involved (some people love to work with others all day, and others are happiest on their own), there are a few occupations that can make just about anyone happy.  If you’re looking to get out of a line of work that you hate but you’re simply not sure what you might like to do for a living, check out this list before you conduct that job search to see if anything grabs your fancy.  There are likely at least a couple that would make you happy if you gave them a try.

1.     Education Administrator. Teachers, while generally happy, get the short end of the stick when it comes to determining the policies that will make their classrooms run effectively and efficiently.  This is why many eventually opt to move into administration.  Seeing the faces of young people and knowing that you’re helping them to become competent and functional members of society is one thing, but actually having the chance to influence the course of their education on a larger scale could be even more satisfying.

2.     Architect. There’s no better feeling than finishing a job and having an actual, physical product to show for it.  Some people create art and others make toys, or Cuisinarts, or cars (for example).  But when you can look at a city skyline and see a gleaming structure in steel and glass that you designed, or look at house you imagined on paper and see how it now provides the perfect home for a family, you’re going to know what true satisfaction feels like.

3.     Author. Creation is the name of the game, and when you’re an author, you get to create entire worlds at your leisure.  Of course, the best-selling authors are generally fairly prolific, putting out one to two books a year during the peak of their career,  but once you get a few under your belt, you can probably take all the time you need.  The best part is, if you write fiction, you have the satisfaction of creating something that is totally, 100% yours (and no one can really tell you it’s wrong).

4.     Physical Therapist. Think doctor, but without all the schooling or pressure.  The idea is, you have a chance to return people to optimum health after injury or help them get on track with their fitness in a safe and healthy way.  But you don’t have to attend years of medical school and you’ll probably never be forced to do an emergency tracheotomy (eww) or hold someone’s life in your hands.

5.     Firefighter. There are few jobs as physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging as putting out fires and rescuing people that are trapped within burning structures.  And yet, it is rated as one of the most satisfying jobs to hold.  Aside from the adrenaline rush it can provide (which feels pretty good), it offers the chance to make a real difference in the lives of others by saving mothers, fathers, children, and even entire families.  There’s no way to rate the level of happiness that can bring.

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