Want to Lose Weight and Look Great? Carry a Water Bottle!

Aquafina water bottlesIf you pay any attention to mainstream media, it should come as no surprise that water is good for your health.  For years, doctors and dieticians have been spouting the ubiquitous “8 glasses a day” missive (despite the fact that almost nobody follows it).  However, if you’re looking to lose those few extra pounds you packed on over the holidays and you don’t want to look as bad as you usually feel when you embark on a weight-loss journey, your best bet is to get your daily dose of water.  It will not only help you to feel better as you shed unwanted pounds, it can also give you the healthy glow you’ve always dreamed of.  So start carrying a water bottle with you everywhere; here are a few ways it does a body good.

The first major benefit of drinking plenty of water is that you won’t retain it. Saying that drinking more water will help reduce bloating may sound counterintuitive, but it is, in fact, true.  When our bodies perceive that we are in a “drought” phase (as in, not drinking enough), we start to store water for later use.  Not only do our cells become positively soggy with the stuff, but the space between our cells starts to fill up, as well.  This is what causes water retention and the dreaded bloating we want to avoid.  By over-saturating yourself with water (i.e. the recommended 8 glasses daily) you are actually helping your system to flush out excess while staying totally hydrated.

Secondly, it can help you to feel full. Most diets require you to significantly decrease your caloric intake.  This means you could find yourself feeling pretty hungry throughout the day.  Drinking lots of water is a 100% calorie-free way to fill up your stomach and stave off feelings of hunger for a while.  Of course, it won’t last very long (water goes through your system pretty quickly, requiring almost no digestion), but it might just carry you over until your next meal.  In addition, it will help to flush out any toxins that are released into your body as your fat cells begin to shrink, which will leave your body feeling healthy and balanced (something you probably haven’t experienced with diets in the past).

Finally, water can do some wonderful things for your skin, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.  You may already know that it helps to balance and hydrate your skin so that you have fewer breakouts (it’s like a miracle cure for mild acne).  In addition, it can help with some of the sagginess that accompanies weight loss.  When your fat cells begin to deplete (as your body burns excess fats for fuel) your skin may sag a bit with less fat to keep it firm.  Of course, working out will bulk muscles to fill the space and over time your skin may tighten up somewhat on its own, but until then, water can plump up skin cells and reduce the saggy look that dieters dread.  This won’t work for long if you’re losing some major poundage at record speed (say with a lap-band or other stomach-stapling procedure), but for minor weight loss it can provide an adequate stopgap to help you look good in the interim.

In short, water holds a lot of benefits for anyone trying to lose weight.  Its many restorative properties will allow you to detox, avoid water retention, stay satisfied between meals, and discover the great skin you should have been enjoying for years.  So keep a bottle handy wherever you go and you’ll soon make drinking water a healthy part of your diet plan, and your life.

Darren Cartwright writes for E-PAK Machinery, an industry leading manufacturer of in-line liquid packaging machinery. Whether you are looking for a bottle filling equipment or water bottling equipment E-PAK Machinery can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

2 thoughts on “Want to Lose Weight and Look Great? Carry a Water Bottle!

  1. Emily

    Hello! Great blog. Water is definitely a miracle element! It works WONDERS. Ever since I started drinking more water daily, my skin has progressively gotten clearer. I also feel more energized and alive throughout the day. Yay for water! Thanks for posting :).