Should You Get an iPad 2?


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Lately I’ve been reading posts, tweets and status messages on why people shouldn’t get an iPad, and how some don’t see the point of having an iPad. True. I agree to an extent. Let me explain…

As more Apple products start to evolve you start to realize you have an addiction to that little apple. Yes, most of us been there, we’ve all taken a bite out of the Macintosh Apple, whether it was with the 1st generation iPod or the iPod Mini, to the iPhone 4 or 1st generation iPad I’m sure we’ve all had a taste. But when does that addiction to that tasty apple stops?! Who knows?! My goal is that stops after the iPad 2. At least for 2 or 3 years, when my products no longer work.
Now back to the original question, should you get an iPad 2?! Here are my reasons on why I’ll be getting an iPad 2:


Chloe, white Macbook 2007


1) ‘Chloe’ my 2007 MacBook needs an upgrade for several reasons… Yes, I’ve had ‘Chloe’ for a while now and although she’s still alive and kicking I need something light to carry around.

2) A MacBook pro was and is still an option for of course faster laptop, but it doesn’t solve the lighter travel issue.

3) A MacBook Air solves the lighter issue, but it’s just as expensive as buying a MacBook.


iPhone 4 box

iPhone 4 for AT&T

4) Having an iPhone 4 helps with blogging on the go, composing drafts, and taking and editing pictures, but the small screen gets tiring after a while.


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So now we are down to the iPad 2…
– lighter, perfect for travel, when on the go.
– slim, fits into most pocketbooks. Larger screen.
– touchscreen keyboard can be a con, but if you’re used to touch screen phones, the iPad keyboard shouldn’t be a problem. I’m actually thinking on getting the iPad case with keyboard for those days when the touchscreen gets on my nerves. Being able to have this option totally rocks!
– it’s cheaper than buying a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air.
– Many apps, including iWork (pages, keynote, numbers). Many users hope for Mac Office to become available sometime soon. I believe for now iWork apps serve the purpose.


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So what are your reasons for getting an iPad 2?!

7 thoughts on “Should You Get an iPad 2?

  1. Krisat Bloom

    I still like the Kindle best…but I feel like I live in the dark ages. Ha ha.

  2. Bran

    I’m getting the ipad2 for the same reasons you are. Why pay the MacBook Air/Pro prices when the iPad will do the job for me, my MacBook is a pain to carry after a few hours & I’m always afraid the constant traveling will damage it eventually & yes, I’ve been addicted to Apple since 2003

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Damn! 2003! My first Apple product was the iPod Nano. I believe it was the second generation black nano with the black sleeve. The battery died. I think it\’s somewhere in my house. I still have the sleeve though. Lol.

  3. @fuchsiamedia

    First of all, I'm amazed that you've been able to hold on to he first generation macbook for this long. I'm buying the iPad 2 mainly for the portability. I love my Macbook Pro, but I'm excited that Apple made the new iPad so much slimmer and lighter.

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Lol! Now I feel bad bout Chloe. Hehe. She\’ll get an upgrade soon, I feel bad replacing her. I\’m very excited bout the iPad though, I patiently waited for the iPad 2 and I\’m glad it\’s almost here. :-)