SXSW 2011 – Congratulations! Your Brand is About to Become Obsolete – Review

sxsw logoMy first stop on Sunday (3/13/2011) was a very interesting panel held by R/GA’s Andrea Ring & William Charnock called Congratulations! Your Brand is About to Become Obsolete.  Below are some of the points taken during this panel session. The session was about ways in which to keep your brand alive, and combining traditional marketing with digital marketing.

Some points mentioned were:

– Maintain brand consistency
– Right when you are at your most successful point, that’s when you need to be most active.

Questions to ask yourself…
– What are you doing that’s new and interesting?

Brands need to understand why they are in business. Why they exist.

There are 5 Rules of Play: Seeing your brand as a system

1) Be Interesting – What is actually interesting to these people, such as American Idol. Chapstick did a contest called Sing Your Love. Many videos were submitted, below are two that are really standing out…

Chapstreet ft. Tray C

Rock On – Bruce

2) Be Irrational – Play gets better when unusual things happen. Surprising is better than expected.
3) Be Real… in Real Time (Literally) – Start making things in the real time, i.e.:
4) Open your Experiments – i.e.: Neflix $1 million dollar prize winner.
5) Shift Before Shift Happens – Just when you’re feeling comfortable, it is probably too late

*For more information about this panel session, check out some of the tweets during this panel… #RGAsaveBrands