SXSW 2011 – Influencers Will Inherit the Earth

Influencers will inherit the earth, klout's ceo, hashable's ceo

Another interesting panel took place on Sunday 3/13/2011, with a wonderful panel which included Venture Beat’s Senior Editor Anthony Ha, Klout’s CEO Joe Fernandez, Hashable’s CEO Mike Javonditte, Director of Digital Marketing at Lippe Taylor Sloanne Berrent. Today’s session on Influencers talked about targeting influencers to reach the masses, and Joe Fernandez talked more about Klout scores. Below are some points taken today’s session…

What is Klout Score – is data collected from social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin). Klout scores measure how people react and who reacts to what we are saying. How does your network respond, and how does it compare to others chatting about the same topic.

Klout's CEO - Joe Fernandez

“Every person that creates content online has influence.” Joe Fernandez, Klout

– When is influence bad?! “Influence in marketing goes wrong when there’s too much ego” – Sloanne Berrent
– “What’s more exciting is detecting the normal people that have so much passion about a topic.” Joe Fernandez, Klout
– “Amplification… You want something amplified to the right people from the right people.” Mike Javonditte

After the session I approached Joe Fernandez to ask about my Klout score, I was wondering why my score was somewhat high, but my other numbers such as Reach, Amplification & Network weren’t as impressive. He asked me what’s your Klout Score I say 62, which was at the time, after that conversation, my score went down one point, lol, to 61. He says that’s impressive, I say, yea I guess, but I’m not quite impressed with my other numbers is there a way to bring those up as well. He stated to drop him an email and he’ll have my profile double checked, that there might be some issue with the data. I’m hoping there isn’t, but we’ll see. Well my new Klout score should show up later today, I’m hoping it’s just as impressive as it was before. Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, lol.

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