SXSW 2011 – Network, Learn and Experience

south by southwest 2011 logoHow would you describe what SXSW is?! Lately I’ve been reading SXSW being described as, Spring Break for Nerds, Spring Break for Geeks, Spring Break for techies, movie and music lovers. Overall, SXSW is being described as a huge Spring Break minus the beach, and the bathing suits, but with tons of networking opportunity and tons of open bars and company sponsored parties/events. I kinda like that Spring Break.

Anyways, this year is SXSW’s 25th anniversary, and it is also my first year attending SXSW Interactive and I am very excited!! I love conferences where you get to hang out with like minded individuals, attend seminars and learn a whole slew of topics that interest and wow you, this is how I see SXSW.
SXSW to me is like what Fashion Week is to fashion bloggers. I’m not much into fashion but I see how excited fashion bloggers get when Fashion Week is around, well this is my “fashion week.”  The parties and events are a plus, but the panels are my main reason for going.

Some events/parties I’m looking forward to attending are…

Kickoff party by Techset
Foursquare Party
The Klout Krib
Mashable House SXSWi 2011
Tech Cocktail SXSW Presented by LiveShare from Cooliris
#140conf @ SXSW Cocktail Party
#Blogchat Live! SXSW
…To name a few …and many more…

Some panels I’m looking forward to attending and learning more from are…

How to Rawk Out at SXSW Interactive
Being Young & Rocking It
Bloggers vs. Journalism – It’s a psychological thing
Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Tips for Execution
Congratulations: Your Brand is about to become obsolete
Building Community in a blogger eat blogger world
Enabling Instant Personification without being creepy
Stand Out – Investigative Journalism for bloggers
Hispanic Marketing after the 2010 Census
…To name a few …and many more…

Some things I’m looking forward to doing/experiencing are…

Texas BBQ!!
SXSW panels and networkingness!
Salt Lick BBQ
Juan in Million
Iron Works BBQ
The City of Austin
oh and did I mention Texas BBQ!

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One thought on “SXSW 2011 – Network, Learn and Experience

  1. @doddleme

    Doddle and the film "Florida" are throwing a party tonight at 6:30! Come see us after the South By Southwest party at Paradise Restaurant on Sixth Street, or visit us at Booth 123 to find out more!