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Mi Bra sports bra

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There are three main things I look for when shopping for a sports bra: Comfort, Fit and Price. In today’s Fit Fridays, I will talk to you about the Mi Bra, a sports bra that has everything I look for plus more.

I first heard of the Mi Bra at a networking event, where I personally met Carolina Baker the founder/owner of this revolutionary new product, the Mi Bra.

Comfort: The Mi Bra is made of 90% Organic Cotton, which means amazing comfort and feel. I own a couple of sports bra and I tend to be very picky when choosing a sports bra because like most women I like to feel comfortable while I’m working out, especially while jogging. The Mi Bra offers amazing comfort for your boobies while you jog or do yoga or pilates; it feels like it’s not even there. Just perfect.

Fit: The Mi Bra comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large). I am not a busty female, about a 34B, so I went with a size Medium, which fits and feels amazing, not too tight or too big, just right. I have had problems, where I would purchase a size small and it would end up being too tight, or a size medium and it ends up being too big and the straps not fitting properly; with the Mi Bra I tried it once and it fit just right.

Price: The Mi Bra is very reasonable priced at $20. Most sports bra range from $20-$40 bucks depending on the brand. At $20 dollars, I would definitively purchase the Mi Bra.

But Wait… There’s More: What other sports bra offers you these 3 things (Comfort, Fit & Price), plus more?! Not only does the Mi Bra offers all these 3 much needed things, but it also offers something never done before, a pocket. Amazing!

The Mi Bra comes with a built-in small pocket located in the front of the sports bra, right between your boobs. The pocket can be used to place a few items, such as: Metrocards, a key, cash/credit card, and even an iPod. Another cool thing about this pocket is that it has a slit where you can insert your iPod headphones and connect it to your iPod, so you can have a hands free workout while you still jam to some tunes. Another wonderful thing I found about this pocket is the fact that it is elastic, meaning everything stays in place, doesn’t fall out.

One minor concerned that I had with the Mi Bra was the radiation exposure if I choose to jog/workout using the pocket to carry my iPhone, instead of an iPod. I asked the Founder of the Mi Bra if there was any research done in regards to this concern? She stated that “this was not the first time someone asked that question, and that research has not yet been done, but she recommends that if anyone is concerned about that, (Radiation exposure), she recommends using the pocket for money, debit cards and/or keys.”

If you want more information on the Mi Bra and where to purchase one visit: Girl Habits (Mi Bra)


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