A Recap: Social Media Consulting, Blog Café and New KMP Logo

Lately, I have been busy eliminating things out of my to do list, between personal and business (blog) I’ve been tackling my list left and right.
Below is a recap of what’s been going-on on KMP Blog and a little info on what’s to come next month (July 2011).

Blog Cafe Logo

Blog Café – Where Blogger Meets Reader

Blog Café finally has a logo! The annual networking event where bloggers, readers and PR/marketing agencies get together to mingle, bound, and network. Check out Blog Café’s page on KMP Blog.

KMP Blog has a new logo.

Yes. My baby finally got a logo. A simple yet clean straight to the point logo. Just what I wanted. It clearly tells the reader what KMP stands for and it uses one of my favorite colors Yellow to make the KMP letters stand out. I hope you like it, because I love it. :-) Check out another color version of the logo in the About Me page.

I am available for hire.

Yes, I’m ready to help others blog better, and use social media to a greater extend. That’s why I’m offering two social media consulting packages and one sponsor me package. Feel free to go check these out and email me for rates and/or more info.

What’s in store for July 2011?!

  • This July I’ll be adding a new feature to the blog.As part of keeping you posted and in the loop, I’ll be adding a Blog Directory where anyone with a blog will be able to add their site and it’ll be listed by category.
  • This directory will be beneficial for readers searching for blogs in a specific category and for PR or marketing agencies searching for bloggers to pitch to. The directory will be great exposure for new bloggers seeking exposure. So stay tuned for July 2011 so you can submit your blog to the directory.
  • Also in July, KMP blog is partnering with Simply Hired to bring you KMP Blog Jobs (Jobs Board), where you can search for current up-to-date jobs in blogging, social media, marketing, technology and advertising and other media and marketing jobs in your area.
  • Last but not least if you are an employer you’d be able to post your job on the job board for as little as $29 per month.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted of any other changes and updates.

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