5 Wonderful Things You Can Do While Vacationing in Puerto Plata

Barcelo Puerto Plata pool

Last Fall, I took a trip to my country of birth, Dominican Republic, to a place I’ve never been to before, Puerto Plata. We stayed at Barcelo Puerto Plata located right next to some other amazing resorts, such as Iberostar, Blue Bay, etc…, right on the coast of Playa Dorada. This trip was well worth it and much enjoyable because not only did it bring back so many childhood memories but it also made me feel like it is time to go back for good. Below are some tours and activities we did that I want to make sure you do if you ever visit Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Brugal Rum Factory Puerto Plata

1) Take a local tour to the city of Puerto Plata…

Where you can purchase souvenirs to bring back to family and friends; along the way visit the Brugal Rum Factory, where you’ll taste one of Dominican Republic’s best rum.

Teleferico Puerto Plata

image source: http://www.discoverpuertoplata.com/

2) Take a ride on the Teleferico…

Up to Mount Isabella, where you’ll be greeted by a replica of El Cristo Redentor (the original Christ the Redeemer is in Brazil).

Paradise Island Puerto Plata

3) Visit Paradise Island/Cayo Arena and Snorkel

This island is way off the shore somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean where the water is shallow and a little bit of sand holds 3 huts. This island is truly amazing. I am the biggest punk when it comes to water activities and open water since I can’t swim, but learning to snorkel here was tons of fun, just watch out for the jelly fishes.

snorkeling at cayo arena, paradise island

image source: http://www.godominicanrepublic.com/

4) Feed the fishes

Feed them bread and/or banana so they come to you while you snorkel and don’t forget the waterproof camera, you’ll want to take lots of pics.

Waterfalls in Puerto Plata

Waterfalls a.k.a 27 Charcos

5) Go see the Waterfalls (27 Charcos)

If you tell the resort you want the Waterfal 27 Charcos l tour I’m sure they’ll know. Another amazing water experience that I will never forget. You are taken to this mountain with waterfalls, you don’t just see the waterfalls you experience them. Yes! You are given a helmet, a life vest and your dear life and off you go as a group. Climbing rocks and swimming across to many different levels on an adventurous mountain. This mountain has approximately 27 levels that takes about 4 hours to complete, during the hotel tour you only get to do 7 very exciting levels. The fun part is completing all seven levels and going back to the beginning where instead of climbing difficult slippery rocks, you slide and dive your way back. Fun!! Even for those that can’t swim like myself. The tour guides make sure you get across safely. This is definitive must do if you are in Puerto Plata.


Send yourself a postcard while out here, why not?! It feels good when you receive it at home and get that “I was there” feeling.

So there you have it. Five exciting things to do, other than eat and drink in the all-inclusive resort.

Catch more images from my Puerto Plata trip on my Facebook page. Also check out some of my other adventures located on the Travel Thursdays folder.

Have you visited Puerto Plata, DR?!
What fun activity/tours do you highly recommend?
Please share in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “5 Wonderful Things You Can Do While Vacationing in Puerto Plata

  1. John Mac

    The last time I was in this beautiful city, I did the wild water rapids rafting tour in the mountains, which I loved. I also did the dolphin swim program at Ocean World Puerto Plata which was amazing too. The city tour was a lot of fun too and drank some momma wanna, the local drink.

  2. ambrita

    these are only few of the great things one can do while in Puerto Plata!! in the destination there is also an entertainment complex that is called Ocean World, where you can see dolphins and even swim with them!

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