Hurricane Irene New York – Preparing Before the Storm

Hurricane Irene Path
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 This week has been an eventful week for people on the East coast, earlier this week (Tuesday) we are surprised by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia which was felt all across the east coast. Some of NYC’s office buildings had to evacuate around 2pm, because of the tremors.  Within the same week we are informed that Hurricane Irene will most likely cross our path over the weekend and Mayor Bloomberg takes early action in order to ensure that NYer’s are safe and of course so we don’t criticize like we did during the January 27, snowstorm earlier this year.

As Hurricane Irene crosses through North Carolina and towards NYC, NYers prepare for what we hope it’ll be just a small thunder shower, with some winds, but like the news channels have been advising, it is better to be safe than sorry. On that note, let me share what will happen in NYC within the next few hours:

  • Mayor Bloomberg declares a mandatory evacuation in some areas of NYC. Residents are required to evacuate by 5pm, Saturday, August 23, 2011
  • Subways, buses, LIRR, Metro-North, and Staten Island Railway will begin shutting down service at about 12 noon.
  • Fare & Toll collection are suspended in some areas
  • All Port Authority Airports will close to arriving domestic and international flights at noon on Saturday, August 23, 2011.
  • The five airports will remain open for departing flights.
  • In the evacuation zones/areas, the buses and trains are free until noon.
  • Pets are also allowed in the buses and trains.
  • Pets are welcomed in the evacuation centers throughout the city, so don’t leave them behind.

I have gathered a few tips from, and a few Tweets, on how to prepare for the storm while at home. Here are some things you might need, as we stay indoors for approximately 48 hours:

Suze Orman (@SuzeOrmanShow) suggests the following #IreneTips:

  • Move fragile items into a room with no windows put duck tape in a big X on windows if you are exposed that’s about all the stuff I do in Fla.
  • Charge ur cell phones & don’t use unless it is an emergency. Get extra water.
  • Get prescriptions filled-have cash on hand- if u’re evacuating get rid of food in refrigerator & freezer.
  • Get extra batteries 4 flashlights & camping lanterns. have bug spray in u’re by mosquitoes canned goods to eat.
  • Gather ur important papers just so u have them w/ u & make sure u’ve a copy of ur insurance policy on hand.

The Mayor’s Office had a few #IreneTips of their own (@NYCMayorsOffice):

  • Because #Irene‘s winds could bring down trees, all NYers should stay out of City parks Sunday, and their backyards if they have trees there.
  • Be prepared. Download NYC’s Hurricane Guide (available in 11 languages):
  • Evacuation centers and emergency shelters are now open for those who need shelter. Locations:
  • Michael Bloomberg: “We can joke about this on Monday morning. But until then, it’s a matter of life and death.”
  • For your safety, stay in rooms with no/few windows. If you live above the 10th floor, consider staying in an apt on a lower floor.
  • High-rise residents: there’s a risk of flying debris shattering windows, and that risk increases on the 10th floor or higher.
  • As #Irene arrives, safety will be increasingly important. From 9pm Saturday until 9pm Sunday, NYers should stay indoors.

and the safety precautions go on… to stay posted on more of Hurricane Irene, follow Twitter hashtags #IreneTips #Irene

Also, check out Hurricane Tips from Floridians, this list includes some useful tips such as:

Fill your car’s gastank, stock-up on canned goods and water(1 gallon per person per day), have a manual can opener and disposable plates & cups. Make sure your medicines are filled in advance. Have a good amount of cash on hand; if there’s …no electricity, then ATMs won’t function. Look around your yard and porch and bring every loose item inside. Gather your important papers and put them in a waterproof bag or container. Have a portable radio, flashlights and extra batteries. After the storm, DON’T DRIVE AROUND! There probably won’t be electricity and gas stations will be closed. Above all, PAY ATTENTION to the warnings given.

For more info visit the following links:
NYC.Gov,, Port Authority/JFK Airport,