The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition – Book Review

The Twitter Book second edition

I was recently asked to share my thoughts about the 2nd edition of The Twitter Book by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein. My first thought was I think I know all there is to know about Twitter, I mean what more is there and what tools are out there that I haven’t tried out yet. Hmm… was I in denial. After reading The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition I’ve realized how much stuff I didn’t know about Twitter and the tools out there that make the Twitter experience much more meaningful.
I won’t share too much from the book because I want you all, that believe you know all there is to know about Twitter to read it. I will mention some things that I didn’t know:

  • There’s a site that helps you keep track of tweeted links that link to your website. (The Twitter Book, pg. 81)
  • I like Trending topics and if you are like me, I always wondered how a trend got started, what they mean or for how long they’ve been trending. Apparently there’s a couple of sites that tells me what I need. (The Twitter Book, pg. 83)
  • To be influential on social media is very important. Up until I read this book I thought Klout was the only site that measured influence. Apparently there about four more sites that measure influence. (The Twitter Book, pg. 99)
  • Ever wonder how often you tweet in a day? The site listed on pg. 129 will show you your daily average.
  • The Twitter Book, 2nd edition also talks about auto DMs and why you shouldn’t use them. They actually have a pretty good explanation why you shouldn’t auto DM. (The Twitter Book, pg. 137)
  • Last but not least, The Twitter Book, 2nd edition has a great chapter focusing on Twitter for Business. Which is great for anyone that owns a business and is trying to bring Twitter into their business world. (The Twitter Book, pg. 199)

and many, many more things you probably didn’t know about Twitter or using Twitter. The book is currently on sale, check it out on Amazon, they seem to have a good deal.

Please note: A complimentary copy of The Twitter Book 2nd edition by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein was provided by O’Reilly Media for review.

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One thought on “The Twitter Book, 2nd Edition – Book Review

  1. @FashionistaChik

    Ok there is a book about twitter. How much content can one create about the subject matter of twitter. I am a twitter junky but I can’t imagine reading an entire book about the topic.