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Casablanca, GoneWithTheWind, IncrediblyLoudAndExtremelyClose

On week 2 I received the following films, and I was very excited because I love classics and besides Gone With The Wind, I hadn’t seen the other two.


The first film I opened was Casablanca, I had never seen this but I heard so many great things about it. The Blu-ray DVD makes a classic 1942 film look absolutely amazing. The Blu-ray DVD is loaded with special features, such as: commentaries by Roger Ebert & Film Historian Rudy Behlmer, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Cartoons, and many more. My favorite part of the DVD was the multiple languages I could enjoy this movie in. I watched in Castillan for the most part.

Gone With The Wind

The 70th Anniversary Edition of Gone With The Wind is a must have! Another awesome classic that should be on everyone’s film library. This Blu-ray DVD also comes with a special commentary by Rudy Behlmer, amazing picture with a higher resolution 1080p image, as well as multiple languages for your true enjoyment.

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close

This film was intense! I did not know what to expect when I watched this film, but I was glad to watch it. If you never seen this, I suggest to pick up a copy and watch it tonight. This film is based on a Jonathan Safran Foer bestseller book. I will read the book soon. The Blu-ray DVD of Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close is loaded with special features about the film such as: The Making of this film, Finding Oskar, Ten Years Later and Dialogues with the Renter.

Please Note: A Blu-ray DVD copy of Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close was provided by Warner Home Video.

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