Workout in Style – A Look Back at Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment

I love Nike Tights. I love their prints, their look, the comfort and the attention they get when I take them out for a workout or nice run. The best thing is the feeling you get by looking good in your fresh new tights.

Below is a look back at the Nike Women’s Tight-of-the-Moment tights of 2013 and one of my favorite of 2012, some I own and some I don’t own, but wish I had.

NTM Artic Monarch 2013

December 2013

I do not own this pair, but loving every single detail of it! Check they might still have some available.

The direction for the final Tight of the Moment of 2013 was simple: create a pattern with a wintery, holiday feel. The execution, however, was far from easy. Carefully hand-drawn textures comprise the majority of the Nike Tight of the Moment-Arctic Monarch. Illustrated with a palette of whites and greys, the prints layer like snowflakes stacking on a brisk December day. Photographs of gold beads provide a pop of traditional holiday ornamentation.

NTM Safari Moves - November 2013


Another fantastic pair that looks absolutely amazing. Loving the colors! I missed this sale, wish I had purchased a pair. Currently sold out online.

Animal print and wood texture imagery unite in unlikely harmony with polka dots, stripes and diamonds to comprise the Nike Tight of the Moment—Safari Moves. Together, the contrasting prints create an unexpected visual, a signature of the Nike Tight of the Moment series.   Near the waist, a picture of snow leopard fur serves as a timely reminder that winter is on the horizon. A wooden motif on the thighs and ankles lends a pop of seasonal color. The placement of stripes, polka dots and diamonds provides a playful interpretation of classic designs.

NTM Nomadic Night - October 2013


I remember being in San Francisco when these tights were released. They were actually released the weekend of the Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco. Sadly, I didn’t get a pair. I’m just noticing the trainer sneakers, very nice. These tights are currently sold out.

Plants meet performance in the Nike Tight of the Moment Nomadic Night. Meticulously hand-drawn flowers, leaves and vines blossom throughout the tight in an array of green hues. A classic Nike Safari print, first introduced in the Nike Air Safari running shoe in 1987, provides the grey contrast to the green pattern.

NTM Zebra Knit - September 2013


These babies I do, proudly own and they are one of my personal favorites.

Nike is obsessed with innovating with knitwear. From Nike Flyknit to Nike Pro Elite Knit, designers have been on a quest to both invent and reinvent knitting processes. For the Zebra Knit Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment, the Nike Women’s design team looked to the process of knitting for inspiration. Knowing that this tight would arrive almost simultaneously with the crispness of autumn air, the team wanted a pattern that would elicit a cozy feel. It looked no further than knit sweaters, which are staples of the fall season.



I do not own any Nike Sculpt Tights, but if I did more yoga, I probably would get a pair, because of its comfort and fit.

New for Fall 2013 is the Nike Sculpt Tight, a product that redefines performance tights for women. Meant to be worn high on the waist, the Nike Sculpt Tight provides a flattering silhouette with added support for an improved look and feel while working out. The compressive fit, particularly in the waist, hip and thigh, helps lift and shape, visually slimming and elongating legs as the wearer bends, stretches and moves. The high-waistband construction helps provide a natural fit and allows for unrestricted movement.

NTM Tattoo Tech - July 2013


Correction, there were tights featured in July, these are the Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment Tattoo Tech. After being released they were quickly removed from the Nike site and stores, due to complains. Those that were able to purchase a pair before they were banned might consider themselves lucky. I was one of the few to own a pair of these.

The NTM (Nike Tight of the Moment) gets all fancy pants again, this time looking to the tattoos of Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand for the latest head-turning design, the Nike Pro Tattoo Tech tights (and sports bra and bodysuit). (



I own these. I love anything with yellow on it so I had to get these. These are super awesome!

Add a playful mix of color and graphics to your favorite workout in the limited-edition Aztec Alibi Nike Women’s Tight of the Moment. The Aztec Alibi pattern combines geometric shapes with bold colors inspired by subway maps and 1980s graphics.



Ahh, LOCO4EVA! I love these too. They are fun, and colorful. I own these and love wearing them.

Ignite your workout this summer in the LOCO4EVA Nike Tight of the Moment. The limited edition LOCO4EVA print combines a black and white tie-dye pattern with multicolored geometric shapes, creating a playful explosion of graphics and colors.

No tights in April



I skipped these, I’m not much of a camouflage fan.

Add a splash of color to your workout with the Nike Women’s Wave Pool Tights and Sports Bra. The Wave Pool print celebrates spring with an energetic mash-up of sunrays, waves and camouflage.



I skipped these, but I wished I hadn’t. These grew on me after they were released and then they sold out.

Influenced by traditional English floral patterns and contemporary polka dots, the limited-edition Nike Pro Floral Bazaar Printed Women’s Tights and Sports Bra invoke thoughts of spring.



My first tights of 2013. I love these, and lots of people do. I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear these tights.

Taking inspirational cues from Iceland’s capital city, the Nike Pro Reykjavik Rave Women’s Tights and Boyshorts feature a bold digital print of traditional Icelandic fisherman knit patterns infused with pops of blue and red throughout for an unexpected, colorful contrast.


December 2012

I added these to this post, because these were my first Nike Pro Printed Tights and I love them the most. They give a great holiday feeling. These are my personal favorite.

The limited edition Nike Pro Oslo Glow Printed Women’s Tights and Boyshorts combine top-notch performance features and a Scandinavian-inspired digital print for a fresh twist on a favorite style. The eye-catching design draws on hand-embroidered elements of traditional Scandinavian knit trims, mashing them up digitally for a fun, beautiful and unique result.

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, and you’ll feel so much better when you look good. The days of baggy shirts and baggy pants to work out are over, get a great pair of tights and don’t be afraid to rock them.

Which ones of these tights do you own?
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    1. KMP Blog Post author

      If they\’re no longer on the website, you might be able to find them at a Nike Store. If you live in NYC, you can check Niketown on 57th street or the Nike Lab store at 21 Mercer Street in Soho. If you live in another state/city, find your nearest Nike store, you can call and ask if they still have some in stock. The NTM (Nike Tights of the Moment), they sell out fast, you gotta catch them when they first come out.