GoBe – More Than a Fitness Tracker


This past week, I got to attend CES Week in NYC, and I got to learn more about fitness gadget in the market. One fitness gadget that really caught my attention was GoBe. GoBe is an entirely new type of wearable techonology. GoBe isn’t a smartwatch, nor is it designed to manage a specific medical condition; GoBe goes beyond the limits of ordinary fitness and activity trackers.


GoBe is more than a fitness tracker, it helps you manage your whole body health, using insights from your own body, automatically, no ongoing user input. GoBe tracks your calorie intake, calories burned, activity level, heart rate, blood pressure, stress level, hydration levels, and sleep status.


GoBe will be available September 2014, but you can preorder yours now.
Visit HealBe.com for more information.

Source: HealBe.com