2016 Empire State Building Run-Up – Recap

FB_IMG_1454598940593A few months ago, I won a contest to participate in the 2016 Empire State Building Run-Up. I like a challenge, so I gratefully accepted the challenge. Last night was the run-up and this is my recap…

Last night was an interesting experience. You think oh it can’t be that bad, if you can’t run up just walk it. 😒Hmm… Think again. Yea. Just walk it sounds easy enough. One step after another. I was using my HRM to track my heart rate, because I knew it would go way up and I wanted to be able to pace myself.💗 I didn’t care bout time, I wanted to make sure i wasn’t too out of breath. After the first 10 floors you’re pretty much outta breath, and moving at your maximum heart rate. I remember seeing close to 200 beats per minute as I got closer to the top. I might even been just excited that the end was near. 😄
The stairs are awfully quiet, and all you hear if any is heavy breathing and/or panting behind you. 😰Like a scary movie, I just wanted to outrun whatever was behind me. At one point one person was breathing so loud, it reminded me of 🎃Halloween Michael Myers theme music. 😱

Anyways, doing two steps at a time is better than doing one, but will leave you breathless at times. One step burns your legs. Oh, that handrail becomes your best friend. I held on for dear life, especially after 60. It helps you pull yourself up. My right arm is on fire right know because of yesterday’s arm workout. 💪
Once, you get to floor 80, you feel the fresh air and you start to hear noise and cheers🎉
The last 6 floors, is like mile 25 at a marathon, you’re so close you can smell it. Back to two stepping it, all the way to the top. You exit through that door you think it’s over, but it’s not. Just a little jog to the finish, then this really cold wind hits you and brings you back to life.

esbrunupAbsolutely amazing. Challenging, but worth doing.

🏃👆86 floors in about 25 mins. I’ll take it.

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IMG_20160203_220519After the finish I met up with one of my runner friends Linna and we took some pics on the observation deck with our flashing medals.


ESB Run Up 2016 Men’s Winner – Darren Wilson

On our way down to the main lobby, we bumped into the men’s winner, Darren Wilson, on the elevator. We asked him a couple as to how does he train. He said he trains in a 20 story building, runs up, takes the elevator down. He mentioned to NEVER run down. Very bad for your body, can cause many injuries, especially after the run up. I can totally see that. Anyways, he looked so humble and relaxed, very kind; he congratulated us on our finish as well.

Lastly, special thanks to Paragon Sports for hosting the social media contest that allowed Linna and I to get a chance to participate in this sold out race/run-up. I am thankful and grateful for the opportunity, it was one hell of a challenge, but worth it. Thanks also to Marmot and NYC Runs for this amazing race, well put together, very organized. Great job! Thank you!

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