Switching It Up – My First Hiking Trip


I’m an outdoorsy girl, I love to explore, I love fresh air and nature sounds.

I have heard of this tour company called Discover Outdoors, formerly known as Outdoor Bound. They have an array of outdoor activities for you to do with a group. Hiking and trail running is something I wouldn’t think of doing on my own. Especially because I would be afraid of getting lost. Booking my first hiking trip with them was much needed.

storm kingThis past weekend, our hiking trip took us to explore Storm King State Park, where we hiked for a somewhat easy, yet challenging hike, for a first timer. The tour we selected was the Hike and Brewery Tour, were we did a hike and afterwards went for beers and a tour of the brewery, at a nearby town. We also opted for the Drive-To-Meet option, where we drove to the location, and it saved us $10 per person.

The drive to Storm King State Park, was a short drive, less than 2 hours from NYC; a very scenic drive. The views from the parking lot were also pretty amazing.

Snapchat-5200335313954086554Our hike started with a pretty high climb up the mountain. Forgive me, if not up to date with the correct terminology for rock climbing, mountaineering and/or hiking, but this is all new to me. I was glad that I decided to go with the hiking boots, instead of sneakers. Also, that I was wearing comfortable pants that allowed for awkward leg movements, without worrying that I would rip my pants or get caught on a rock or branch.


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Most of the climbing did not require the use of hands, there was a section that seemed nearly impossible in my eyes, but going with a group and seeing what they did, gave me the confidence to be able to do it myself. I remember a section, where we had to use our hands, and legs, and sort of crawl our way to the top. Standing up in this rock, would seem like you would fall, but it could’ve been my eyes playing tricks on me.

Once we reached the top of several hills, it was always a pleasant and breathtaking view. Also the peace and calmness up above felt very relaxing and comforting.

13096171_1189896081056614_3395031074336365825_nDuring the hike we learned new things that as a beginner we wouldn’t normally know, like these small marks on the trees, ground and rocks, known as trail blaze markers. I figured they were there to guide the way in case you got lost. Apparently most of these marks are maintained by local volunteers, they are the ones that paint and repaint them when they start to fade, as well as the ones that keep the path clear when things start to grow or rocks aren’t in a place that they need to be.

2000px-Trail_blaze-symbols.svgWith hiking, I felt I was looking down for most of the part, mostly because there were so many rocks and roots that any time you looked up or behind you, you would trip. Also the leaves were slippery, so you have to know where to step. With that said, I felt I didn’t get to enjoy my surroundings as much while we were moving.

12107179_1189896054389950_7620228086282738425_nOverall the hiking experience was something that I would definitely try again, it’s a good switch up to running, and as marathon training nears, I would like to incorporate more trail running and hiking into my training plan. I am already planning my next hiking trip and stepping it up a notch by going the distance, which is something I think I can handle.

13062453_1189896007723288_536346240202678815_nFor more information on these hiking tours visit: Discover Outdoors

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Please note: KMP Blog was not sponsored by Discover Outdoors to review this tour. This review is my own personal opinion.