How I am Working Hard and Training Harder


Lately, I am on a journey to build a stronger, fitter, healthier body.  As a personal trainer I wanted to make sure I worked hard on my body first, before dedicating my time to train others. That doesn’t mean that I am not looking to inspire others while I’m training myself. Personal trainers are real people too, we are not perfect, and not all of us have fit model abs. My goal is to go from what I look like now, to a stronger, fitter me, so I can show you how to get there.

How Am I Getting Fitter?

For the past few weeks, I have been using BeachBody workout products to achieve my fitness goals. I started with P90X3 because I am a huge fan of Tony Horton and I believe he is one hell of a great fitness coach. P90X3 was great for me because it was only 30 minutes a day and a different workout each day, so It wasn’t boring. From cardio, to weight lifting to yoga and pilates, P90X3 has it all. As much as I hated the yoga, it really helped open my hips and tight muscles. It was my go to after those weight lifting days.
I do not use the Shakeology products nor the performance supplements. I do drink protein shakes, but I prefer the Vega Sport Performance Protein, it’s a lot cheaper than Shakeology and from reading some of the comparisons and just as good.

What Am I Currently Doing?

Currently I am using the Body Beast – Lean Beast program to burn more fat and tone up. I am loving Body Beast, it is teaching me how to not be afraid of weight lifting. I can’t wait to see my body change in the next couple of weeks.
I am also utilizing my Training Mask in some of my workouts to help improve my performance as I get ready for marathon training in the next couple of months. Training Mask is great for that because it limits your oxygen intake in order to improve performance and give you the feeling as if you were training at high altitudes.

I think some people may find Body Beast to be a bit intimidating, especially after looking at the buff, bodybuilding dudes on the screen. Trust me, don’t be intimidated, the workouts are amazing and for everyone. Even without the weights, you’ll get one hell of a workout. the Leg workout is my most favorite and hated workout, because it challenges me the most. It leaves me shaking and good sore for a day or two, but I know I’ve put in, one amazing workout and my legs will look amazing by the end of this program.

PhotoGrid_1458943952600I am not too concerned about my numbers, such as weight, body fat, etc… I am more concerned about overall transformation, my body taking shape and toning up the way I want it.

How is My Nutrition?

When I started P90X3, I wasn’t really paying too much mind to nutrition, I kept thinking that I would be fine eating what I eat or used to eat, when I was marathon training and running almost every day. Well, even though I was doing my P90X3 workouts religiously, everyday, I needed to focus more on my nutrition since I wasn’t really marathon training or overall running as much. You don’t realize how much running keeps you in shape, until you stop running; man I miss it. But it has been hard to just go out and run, since I don’t have any races to train for. I guess my mind doesn’t get it, unless there’s a main purpose, like a race. Anyways, so I decided to watch what I eat. So no more pizza, no more bagels with cream cheese, or bacon, egg and cheese on a sesame seed bagel, no more Starbucks, no more apple turnovers, no more toast, no more bread, no more soda, no more fruit juices, etc… You get the idea.

What Do I Eat?

I eat lots of veggies, spinach, kale, arugula, peppers. Egg whites, Lots of grains, like Quinoa, Raw Oatmeal, brown rice, chia seeds, flaxseed. Lots of nuts, peanut butter, cashews. I snack on fruits and nuts, apples and peanut butter, trail mixes, etc… Whenever I feel the urge for a soda I drink flavored seltzer water. Instead of toast with my scramble eggs, I add a serving of whole wheat crackers, has less calories. I still eat meat, and I try to season it with less salt and more veggies for added natural flavor.

What’s Next?

In the next couple of weeks, my goal is to slowly increase my running while continuing my weight training, but not as much. I am also planning to host small group running sessions in NYC, Queens and Downtown Manhattan, Tribeca area. This will be mainly for new runners seeking to start running and/or just looking for someone to run after work, distance will vary, but will range from 3-5 miles. If anyone is interested in joining leave a comment or send me an email ( These running sessions are FREE.

Please note: This post is in no way, shape or form intended to sell you any Beachbody products. I am not a BeachBody Coach. I do however love some of their workout products, because I do believe they work, when you commit to doing them. Lastly, there are some affiliate links in this post, and as a blogger I am required to disclose that.